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Dask and Brian WIP

By Gerf
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I saw the Vlarion fanart thread and dang, I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to draw some Vlarion, too! It's an excellent 3DMM movie series, and boy does it have some memorable characters.

I actually drew Brian first, the first human character I've drawn in a looooong time. And it kind of shows, too. o_O; Brian appears in Vlarion as Patrick, but since Brian's supposed to be 40 I tried my best to make him look like he'd been around the block once or twice. Kind of reminds me of Auron from FFX. Dask looks totally different from how he appears in 3DMM (Ramu), but according to Aaron he's only supposed to be 20 and his hair is faking sweet. So, uh, yeah. Hence a guy with sweet hair. ^_^ As usual, I went overboard with the swords and clothing a bit, but... yeah, that's just me.

I'm in Japan right now and don't have access to my scanner, so I can't get a proper image of it at the moment. I would also like to color them at some point, but I don't know if my camera picture is high enough resolution to let me do that effectively; might need to wait two monts until I return home. In any case, more "finalized" versions of them will probably arrive sometime or another, along with the other characters and *GASP* maybe even actual scenes in the movie!

Funny how I wanted to do this exact same thing with FFEpic... draw the characters, that is. Gosh, I haven't touched that in, like, two years. I wonder if I'll ever get around to working on it again.

Dask Jordan and Brian Darkshift are characters that belong to Aaron.
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Nice work, I like the clothing. Some original stuff there. Keep it up.