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Dask Jordan

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"Evil resides within whoever uses their power for evil." - Dask Jordan, Vlarion 4: The Heavens Crumble

Dask, the protagonist in the Vlarion series, has a lot going on in his head. And no, it's not because his hair is nutso, either. Try being infused with magic at a young age, cutting into the fabric of reality, and helping to destroy a geovoric planet and maybe you'll be able to understand what he's got to go through day by day. Oh, that and deal with Stacey. ;)

Dask's character was Ramu in 3DMM, but recently Aaron has been changing around the models in Maya; this design is based on a preliminary redesign. I don't think the Dark Sword is actually supposed to be THAT big... but hey, that's what artistic license is for! This was the first time I have colored a picture in a very, very long time, and while I think I blew it on the "inking" (dang thick lines there), I think the "texturing" techniques I tried for the first time came out looking relatively decent. Didn't touch the burn or dodge tools, either... I don't know what's so dang horrible about them, but regardless this is straight coloring.

Vlarion kicks mad booty. And it's also the brainchild of Aaron Haynes, as is Dask. I just did the fanart. ^_^

Originally sketched with a 0.5mm pencil, "scanned" with my Sony DSC-P52 digital camera, and colored with Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0. Background "fabric" generated with Apophysis 2.02.
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Looks great now it's all coloured in. I love the texturing and the background. His feet seem a bit.... furry... though...
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Yeah, I realized, "Crud, I'm using the same kind of texturing method for his skin!" when I got to his face. But then, that's because... well... all my previous computer colorings have involved furry characters anyway... so it was kind of like a default mentality or something. *laughs* I left his feet kind of "furry" mostly because I was too lazy to take another shot at the shading. I'm absolutely horrid with feet in any case, though... so getting away from them as fast as possible is always on my agenda (though I really should reverse that so I can spend more time on them and get those suckers RIGHT for a change...). ;)
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Hahahaha!!! Yeah, I hate drawing feet too... that's why I favour shoes!