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"Evil resides within whoever uses their power for evil." - Dask Jordan, Vlarion 4: The Heavens Crumble

Dask, the protagonist in the Vlarion series, has a lot going on in his head. And no, it's not because his hair is nutso, either. Try being infused with magic at a young age, cutting into the fabric of reality, and helping to destroy a geovoric planet and maybe you'll be able to understand what he's got to go through day by day. Oh, that and deal with Stacey. ;)

Dask's character was Ramu in 3DMM, but recently Aaron has been changing around the models in Maya; this design is based on a preliminary redesign. I don't think the Dark Sword is actually supposed to be THAT big... but hey, that's what artistic license is for! This was the first time I have colored a picture in a very, very long time, and while I think I blew it on the "inking" (dang thick lines there), I think the "texturing" techniques I tried for the first time came out looking relatively decent. Didn't touch the burn or dodge tools, either... I don't know what's so dang horrible about them, but regardless this is straight coloring.

Vlarion kicks mad booty. And it's also the brainchild of Aaron Haynes, as is Dask. I just did the fanart. ^_^

Originally sketched with a 0.5mm pencil, "scanned" with my Sony DSC-P52 digital camera, and colored with Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0. Background "fabric" generated with Apophysis 2.02.
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Looks great now it's all coloured in. I love the texturing and the background. His feet seem a bit.... furry... though...