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Dragon in flight

Another card for Dragon's Hoard. Check out the kickstarter here: [link]
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Looks like fatalis

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Could you make this a print?
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amazing work - I was able to include it here…
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"What in the name of the First Dragon WAS that?!"

--- Dragon, after a large, mysterious silver object, shaped like a bird and half his size, flew past him at supersonic speeds.
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Y'know...who said that had to be a HUMAN flying machine?


"Commander, it appears we now have some...interesting new allies in the XCOM Project...."
That was mankind's perseverance in the face of impossible odds. :)
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Wonder if the dragons would be dumb enough to take on supersonic jet fighters...
Considering their arrogance, I'd say they would. And then summarily get their asses kicked.
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-> No amount of muscle power in organic wings will be able to keep up with afterburning turbofan jet engines, which can go up to Mach 2.

-> Dragon fires would be hard-pressed to affect the highly durable alloys and materials used to build jet fighter frames, if they even hit at all, making them useless beyond attracting heat-seeking missiles to them.

-> Advance BVR targeting systems available today would mean any fighter aircraft can hit them from miles away, far beyond any dragon's ability to fight.

-> Anti-air missiles that could shred aircraft mid-air would easily penetrate through scales and flesh, and if that doesn't work, the fragmentation or continuous-rod warheads could be replaced with nuclear munitions.

As far as it is concerned, a fantasy western dragon would be severely out-matched in terms of speed, durability and firepower by modern military aerial vehicles. No matter what some people may insist, when one consider the facts, they won't stand a chance, short of applying game-breaking and inconsistently-defined magical powers. 
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Oh wow that's breathtaking! Stunning work :D
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This is a cool one...
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Your dragons ... so ... big. And amazing.
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worth million dollars
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Fantastic piece! Nice atmosphere. :)
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that's really awesome!
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How the.............. That's some serious skills you have. Respect!
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sweet, i see some great stuff you did for this project!;)
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