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Dragon Hatchling

Art for [link]
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Awesome painting!
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It's a very good painting/drawing by all means, but I find it strange that the hatchling emerges with proportions similar to that of a fully-grown dragon. Unless that was intentional in giving the viewer a glimpse of how dragons are beyond aging like humans and posess a greater maturity and wisdom. But don't you think that even dragons need to grow some more after hatching? Extending limbs, gaining coordination and not just increasing in size? ...actually, I think it's only in the face. Youngsters usually have more of a bug-eyed appearance don't they?
The itty bitty wings are adorable. I really love the light and shading in this picture. Very well done!
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Featured this awesome little guy here: Musebox 0002 :D
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This is awesome and I love the gold!!! <?xml:namespace prefix = da />Clap emoticon 

super hot!!!!!!!!
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Very excellent work:clap:
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*whom should I eat first on breakfast* thinks newborn dragon :D
Amazing work!
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