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Gerard Way x Reader: Why?
WARNING: I tend to swear a lot... so yeah, there's some swearing in here! Just letting you know. Enjoy! <3    Gerard Way. Every girl wanted him, though he was reserved for one special girl by the name of (Full Name). What was their relationship exactly? Truth to be told, it was like a dream, just so fucking unreal, due to the man's lack of presence by his lover, who has been longing for it. He's been gone, gone everyday and every night. If (Y/n) wouldn't see those notes he left her ever morning then she would have thought that he ran away, wanting nothing to do with her. (Y/n)'s mates told her, everyday:    'Break up with him...'    'He
Gerard x Reader
You could hear the screams of the rabid fan girls even from backstage. It was really getting on your nerves. Usually it didn't bother you this much, but you were in a bad mood after witnessing the whole scene on stage. A really bad mood. Soon enough, the band started filing off stage. "(f/n)!" Gerard called our to you, "How did we do?" "Fine, you guys did fine..." You tried to smile at him. "Whats wrong?" He asked, immediately picking up on your mood. "...Nothing...." You mumble. Unable to keep eye contact, you look away "Tell me," He commanded. ".....Why did you kiss Frank?" Gerard muffled a laugh but couldn't hold back a grin, "That
I Wanna Run With You - 1
               I sat on a thick tree limb, spring air chilling my arms. The sky was blue, birds were chirping, you'd think everything was perfect. But I'm here now, bleeding from the wrists and throat, wishing for death. Well&#133; you may ask 'What happened?' Well, I'll tell you from the beginning. ~-----------------------------------------------------~ "'m going out for a walk," I called from my apartment living room. "Don't stay out too long." My mom called back from the bathroom. I shrugged on my black zip up jacket and exited out. I glanced down the galley to the left. The elevator was there, staring back at me, waiting. Never
my chemical romance bible
You know you're a My Chemical Romance Freak when 1. Your carpet is soaked with drool after watching them play on TV 2. You cry when u hear them play your favorite song live 3. You hear someone say My Chemical Romance and you snap to attention 4. You stand your ground and defend them when someone tries to criticize them 5. You feel like burning the TRL building down 6. You read a story and claim you saw one of the band members names, though its not there 7. You have a MCR song for every point in your day 8. You lick the TV when there on it, Mmm..MCR 9. You recite the words to the song when someone even mutters just a word of it. 10.
My Chemical Romance
They're my best friends, when no one else is there They're my inspiration, when I'm feeling down They're my drug, when I need an escape They're my hope, when I feel like letting go They're my support, when I feel like no one cares They're my voice, when I don't know what to say They're my strength, when I need to be strong They're my everything, because before them, I was nothing They're My Chemical Romance. To you, they may just be a band, but to me they are my heroes. When I hear them play, I feel like I'm not so alone. Because they know what I feel. When I hear their songs, I feel like they took the words right out of my heart.
When Gerard Is Alone.
A lot of Gerard
A lot of Ray
A lot of Mikey

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I Love Mcr
Mcr has saved my life so i hope it saves other peoples lives too!

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