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Tom Fischbach's Foxgirl Mike

By Geoss
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There's a small story behind this one.

I have been a fan of Tom Fischbach and his webcomic Twokinds for a while now and I have always been amazed at the fluid way the lines of his character's appear. Anyways, the other day I finally got the program Alias SketchBook Pro to go along with my touch pad. I was itching to test it out and I ended up reading one of Tom's pages. I remembered a character named Mike and broke out the program and decided to draw him. (yes, I know, the picture is female, but if you read the storyline at all you'll know why he looks like that.)

I think it turned out pretty well anyways. Anywho, I give full credit for this to Tom Fischbach. Even though I did draw it, I'm poor and don't have the money to handle a lawsuit*.

Lineart was done with Alias SketchBook Pro and my Wacom tablet. Colors, Shadows, and hard lines were done in photoshop.

*Not like Tom seems like that kind of guy anyways.
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totally awesome
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Well thank you ^^
[link] i can't explain how much i love the heart pattern on ...her... butt :D plus the fact that i love anthro foxes makes me love this even more!!!
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^^ I know the feeling. Mike is an instant favorite for me.
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where can i read toms comic ?
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^_^ Follow this link. [link]
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Awww, it's so good! I love the face!
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nicely done!
I am curious if you used Tom's "Pantless Mike" as a reference to draw this? It looks very much like it, and great attention to detail, hair, ear tufts, you got it all.
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^^; Yeah. I did. One of the many pictures I have of his in my "ref" file on my computer. I think I have a good 2g of ref images now.
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lol :/ I sucked at hands when I drew it, and I didn't want to embarrass myself by attempting to draw them.
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You should try, it's great picture, don't waste it XD
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thankies :3
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This is super cute. ^_^
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:3 You should go check out Tom's comic.
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I really like the ears on this one! Strange, but my eyes keep getting drawn to them!
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Yep, I know. :3 I love the way Tom draws them, they're strange, yet they make sense.
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Aww...shes cute XD
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^_^ I think so too.
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Thanks for the fave ^_^
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^_^ You're welcome
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