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Revenant of the end
name: unknown
species: enderman, revenant( link to what a revenant is in the description)
gender: male
age: 27 at death
abilities: stronger and faster than a normal enderman, does not feel pain, reattach dismembered pieces of himself( wounds still take time to heal though), plage breath, drinking blood, immune to water
weaknesses: cutting off his head will kill him ,can't move dismembered parts of his body,is hurt by attacks to his soul, smite does harm him
appearance: mummified, skin is translucent black, skin completely gone around his eye sockets and mouth, hole in his chest where his enderpearl was,claws are a dull grey, purple glowing dots where his eyes were,very little skin around his elbows and knees
personality: agitated,grumpy , seems to hate everything/ everyone,despises humans, dislikes every other creature
clothing:black full body cloak with a hood,yin yang mask that only has eye holes to hide and protect his face
weapons: wields a two handed scythe one handedly( the scyth
:icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 0 17
gender: male
species: black diamond peingatto
age: 20
appearance: 5 brush limbs on one tail,blue eyes(and whiskers),white diamond on his face and start of his tail, his legs are white, his body tail, and head are a navy blueish black with wavy white lines that are all connected branching off in different directions most ending in a swirl,the ink in the diamond on his chest and the ink in his ears is runnier then paint
physical prowess: is very strong runner and climber, can adapted and deal with harsh condition  
abilities: paint manipulation( not too good only last 5min and only uses it for defence), Teleportation( uses when the area is unreachable otherwise), Invisibility (not used often)
personality: kind, cheerful, friendly, calm when alone,
wants: to paint a picture of all the brush gods
likes: ink of any kind, squid, traveling, painting people and landscapes  
other info: he carries a traveler's pack with ink and parchment in it, is very strong desp
:icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 3 2
Lod Rekina
name:Lód Rekina
human name: Ren
species: demon
age: 800,000,000 years old
title: shark of the frozen abyss
job: keep the souls of the damned in the frozen hell if they try to escape
gender: male
forms: human form, demon form, shark form
appearance(human form): skinny, looks 16, sea green hair, icy blue eyes, slightly tan skin, his skin is warm to the touch like a normal human
appearance(demon form): same as his human form except his skin is frostbite pale, his icy blue eyes start to glow, his fingernails sharpen into triangular claws, his teeth become triangular and serrated while turning icy blue. his skin is cold, bone like wings, blue demon horns
appearance(shark form): a skeletal shark with glowing blue eyes mouth and midsection, the bones have a few ice crystals on them, a icy mist flows down from it( think like the frost dragon from world of warcraft wrath of the lich king but as a shark)
personality:mischievous ,kind, friendly, cheerful, cold and heartless to things he cons
:icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 1 0
name: geoshark
nickname: geo
gender: male
age: 16
species: human
appearance: brown hair and eye, skinny, right eye covered with a purple cloth,he wears a grey hoodie that looks like a shark, grey shorts, black running shoes
personality: kind, caring , energetic, talkative
other info: his right eye was replaced with an eye of ender and if he uncovers it and see another human or someone who is harming him or his friends her will become enraged and turn into an enderman
:icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 0 6
grim reaper oc
name: Conductor
gender: genderless ( looks male)
age: 10000000000 ( looks to be in his 30s)
species: grim reaper
personality: gentle, calm , kind
appearance: black skin (like charcoal), black hair,average height and width, glowing green eyes that have a gentle look to them
wears: train conductor uniform and (suit, hat, tie, shoes,pants) a pocket watch that he takes out a lot,  
other info: he has a gentle voice , he leads the souls to their afterlife, if needed he will use his scythe to defend himself( the scythe has a dark brown wood handle and a clock that connects the blade to the handle), his pocket watch tells him how long people have to live
:icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 0 4
I made a deal by Geoshark12 I made a deal :icongeoshark12:Geoshark12 2 12


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Ok so I have been interested in vivziepop’s up coming series hazbin hotel 
I wanted to make a character base in that world but I need people’s opinions on the character concept and Maybe suggestions for improvements 
Name: ( don’t have one will take suggestions

gender: male

Demon type: shark

personality: gruff, naturally cranky even when calm ( swears a lot), sarcastic , ruthless in a fight, intelligent, blood thirsty at times



died: 1927  drowned in a storm at sea

sins( in this case reasons for being in hell): murder, cannibalism
Physical traits: has an Australian accent

(normal form)humanoid, grey and white skin,short black hair,shark teeth, green eyes, skinny, 5 foot 5, dorsal fin on his upper back, webbing on his feet, gills on his neck, nails pointed, face and nose slightly pointed

( true demon from) he becomes more shark like with a triangular face, black doll like eyes, neck being the width of his head, his skin turns into shark scales,   He grow to 11 feet and appears slim but muscular, fingers gain claws, pectoral fins on his forearms, no ears

Attire: a full body wetsuit that resembles a bartenders tuxedo,  black bow tie,

a mask that covers his face, the top half of the mask resemble a scuba mask, the bottom half of the mask has a wide grin with triangular teeth etched in, in the center of the bottom half there is a suba rebreather with tubes coming out both sides that lead to a u shaped pack on his neck which is connected to a tank on his back, the tank and system are filled with salt water( note he can breath air he just prefers to breath water), the mask contains a microphone and speaker so people can hear him, the masks bottom can split apart to reveal his mouth ( he does not have this in his true demon form)

weapons:teeth, claws in true form, harpoon with a chain

powers: sense electrical fields, summons sharks(can only be done in water unless in true form which allows him to summon flying sharks)

occupation when alive: smuggler/ sailor 

occupation in hell: run his own bar called “the sunset sandbar” ,smuggles people in and out of hell

other info: while he is nasty at times he has a soft spot for kids having smuggled many into the USA when he was alive, he has a constant bloodlust that he curbs by drinking a mix of alcohol and blood that he keeps in a flask, when smuggling someone in or out of hell he asks for payment in vials of their blood 
Bucket head zombie
This is what I wore to hand out candy/scare little kids, then give them candy  
medieval fantasy (rp)
Please describe your character and tell me what your ok with and what your not 
I am getting a little busy irl so I won’t be on as much, now I won’t be completely inactive just not as much as usual 
From tomorrow to Monday 
Shapeshifter ref
name: Jordan

gender: none( sounds male when in base form)

species: shapesifter

apperence: blue body , black eyes

personality: mostly cheerful , sarcastic, makes bad puns alot

ablitites: shapesifting, change what his body is made of, split mass and transufer concousness inbetween, eat through almost anything given enough time, body solifides when incontact with a surface.
Tagged by :iconredpoisondragon:

1. What's your favorite colour?

2. What are some of your hobbies?
browsing the internet, playing video games, roleplaying on here 

3. Any catch phrases or things you say a lot? (If so, what are they?)
shouting SCIENCE!, because cthulhu, and can I ask you a question 

4. What's your favorite game?
as of now I would have to say call of cthulhu or dungeons and dragons

5. What's your favorite idea?
anything that is batshit crazy

What is the biggest thing in the world?
the internet

7. Mac or PC?

8. What is your favorite game console(s)/ what game console(s) do you have?
computer and i don't want to say what else I have

9. What would you do if we discovered definitive evidence of alien life?
first I would freak out, then try to get others to believe me and if they did not then keep it to myself

10. What inspired you to become an artist?
not much of on

11. How did you find Deviantart?
through a comic dub on youtube

12. What would you do if you were simply handed one million dollars to use for whatever you want, whenever, with no strings attached?
question everything , donate half of it , use the other half on a computer and games 

My Questions

1. how insane are you( half and half

2.if you were evil and had control over reality what would you do?( do small things to annoy people like all coffee is decaf and all chocolate is white chocolate ) you consider yourself weird if so do you think it's a good thing?( yes and yes)

4.if you could do anything what would you do?( travel through dimensions)

5. favorite animal real or mythical?( megalodon)

6. what is your biggest fear?( mines clowns )

7. if you could be anything you want what would you be?( shapeshifter)

8. do you believe in the multiverse and aliens?( yes and yes)

9. do you think its ok for people to have secretes that they don't share?(yes)

10. do you believe there is such thing as the supernatural? ( yes)

11. how has your day been?( awesome)

12 what are your thoughts on school?( I like it but i wish they used more engaging methods of learning )

anyone who want to answer
sorry I have not been on , been busy , and i am unfortunately won't be on much if at all this week 
sorry I have not been on , been busy , and i am unfortunately won't be on much if at all this week 
Rp anyone


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