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Simon Bisley Conan Anaglyph

This is a 2D to 3D image conversion of artist Simon Bisley's Conan.
I attempted to convert this image 8 times, this being the 8th one.
I don't know what it was, but this one gave me lots of trouble.
You can view more of my 2D to 3D conversions by clicking
:pointr: here :pointl: ...
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I love this. Are there special glasses I have to buy to view these properly?

Simon Bisley is one of my favorite artists too.
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Yes, you'll need Red/Cyan anaglyph 3-D glasses to view the 3D effect.  :icon3d-glassesplz:

If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

Rainbow Smphony, Inc.,
6860 Canby Ave. Suite 120 •
Reseda · CA · 91335

And request a pair of free Red/Cyan anaglyph 3-D glasses (in writing Of course) they'll send them to you.
I sent for them and they arrived within 3 days

Note: The free offer is only available in the US only. 

If you want more information about this and or Rainbow Smphony, Inc. go to,…
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Hey thanks! I'm in Canada actually, unfortunately!

But thank you for the link. I will check that out later.

How long does it take to make your 3D pictures?
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You're welcome.

For me to complete one of my 3D images. It takes about an hours, more or less. It all depends on the amount of detail needed in the depth-map for the image. 
About 90% of the time is spent creating the depth-map for the image. The rest is done by using the depth-map to displace the layer that make up the image. Which in the end,  make the image appear 3D when viewed through the red/cyan glasses.

If you can manage to find yourself a "standard" pair of red/cyan 3D glasses, like the pair in the link below. You should be able to view any red/cyan 3D image with them and see it's 3D effect.…
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So it takes about an hour? One hour only? Hm.

What is "depth-map"?

Yes, I would definitely like to get a pair of those glasses. I didn't know people even made pictures like this, or I would have collected them a long time ago.

I'm wondering, if there is one, what's the difference between those movie 3D glasses and the ones you showed me?
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It takes, "more or less" about an hour or so for me to create a red/cyan anaglyph. Which is what these images are called.

A depth-map is an image created to represent how close and how far things are in a given image. The color Black represents anything that is very far away and White being anything very close. As the colors go from white to black, this creates a map of the image. Showing the differences in depth of everything within the image.

Here's a link to a tutorial that explains how to create a simple red/cyan anaglyph image using a depth-map.…

Here's another link to a group that is about Depth-Maps. :icondepthmaps:

The glasses used to view 3D movies while in a movie theater are "Polarized 3D Glasses" and don't use red and cyan lenses to create the 3D effect. Instead they use what's known as "orthogonal polarizing filters".  
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Woah, interesting information! I will definitely come back to this comment now and again. I am very intrigued in this sort of thing. I may have to use it one day, never know...

How long have you been doing this? And how did you find out about Simon Bisley?
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I've been making anaglyphs for a few years now. I was one of a hand full of people here on deviantArt,  to first start posting red/cyan anaglyph conversions.  
As for Simon Bisley.
I was a big fan of Frank Frazetta and still am, which led me to read the comics magazine Heavy Metal many years ago. 
Simon was a regular contributor to Heavy Metal. He also did work on the Judge Dredd Magazine and DC Comics Lobo.
The American heavy metal band Danzig, who formed in 87,  had a few album covers done by him as well. His most notable album covers are, 

Thrall: Demonsweatlive...…
6:66 Satan's Child...…
The Lost Tracks of Danzig...…
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(And yet another) Great (one)! I really dig Bisley's works and it is so nice to see that one extra dimension added!
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I totally agree, but most of Bisley's work is much to color saturated to covert into 3D.
Hiscules's avatar
O.K. (Still I'd like to see some more... What 'bout changing those pics to B/W B4 doin' conversions?) (Lobo is still waitin' 2B 3D'd...)
Geosammy's avatar
I understand the idea of changing the images to B&W, but the images are either B&W or color. Once the effect is applied to an image what ever the mode was at the start is what it will be in the end. I can't make a color image B&W, apply the 3D effect and then change it back to it's original color state.
Lobo? I know that means "wolf", but what are you referring to.
Hiscules's avatar
I meant that if a pic is good enough, it also should be quite good in B/W. So once changed to B/W, the pic will become a "gray anaglyph" (and stay that way, of course...). With great pics that probably won't matter too much. Mean the transformation from "great color pic" to "great gray 3D conversion"... Lobo is a cool character from DC comics ("The Man") (My Favs (Comix) R Conan, Batman, Wolverine & Lobo). Anyway, U R doin' great conversions and I will always B waitin' 2 C the new 1s!
Geosammy's avatar
I see what you meant now.
I'll see if I can't find so images of "Lobo". I've heard of that character, but can't recall what he looks like.
I use to collect Conan comics, had them all at one point. When I moved from NYC to Arizona, lots of thing didn't make the move and the comics were one of them.
I regret not holding on to them, but there were so many the shipping was going to cost a small fortune. I only shipped essentials and at the time comic book weren't considered "essentials".
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Very good...I find it difficult to work with bright pulled it off nicely here.
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Thanks... The image quality wasn't very good, so I think that had a lot to do with the issues I had doing this conversion. The colors also presented issues as well. Another thing was that the displacement on this image had to be very minimal.
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the birds here are a really interesting element- all the little details work wonderfully
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This image was particularly difficult to do, I can't figure why. Thanks for your comment and the :+fav:.
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question... u need a 3D monitor and glasses to watch this with the 3D effect??? or just glasses???
Geosammy's avatar
Just red/cyan 3D glasses.
Don't have a pair of "red/cyan" 3-D glasses?

Well, here's a link to where you can get yourself a free pair of red/cyan 3-D glasses @...[Rainbow Smphony, Inc.] that's how I got mine.
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so... ur telling me I only need glasses??? if so, I'm going to get a pair, thanks man...
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Yes... all you need is a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses to view the 3D effect on any of my 2D to 3D conversions.
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