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Gimp Weapons Brushes

This Gimp brush pack contains 22 Ax, 22 Dagger, 30 Miscellaneous Weapons and 26 Sword brushes.
The brushes are for the most part large and done in RGB mode. So if your looking for a pink battle ax, you'll have to change the color mode yourself.
Most of the brushes are digital renderings, with exception of a few hand drawn weapons.
There is a dagger brush that I mistakenly duplicate (Dagger brushes 21 & 22) while making this brush pack.
I also included a preview images of all the weapons contained within each pack.

My Gimp Brush Gallery:[link]

Just download, unzip and put the files in your gimp brushes folder and enjoy, but don't forget to give credit were it is due.

Geosammy :-)

Check out the "Viking Foundry" at :iconscandinavia-vikings: [link]
© 2010 - 2021 Geosammy
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Can they be commercially used?

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Due to the possibility, that some of the weapons may be copy write protected.

I would not suggest that you use any of them within commercial content.

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These are beautiful! I wish I could download them but I have no points >-< Oh well, even so I gave it a +fav  because they look wonderful.
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You're welcome.
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these aren't free?  They look beautiful!
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Thank you and these brushes are not free, but cost only 10 DA points to purchase. 
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Can I use it outside deviantart for a Bookcover?

Lolly :)
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Yes as long as you give to proper credit. Also, The brushes aren't really meant for commercial use, so please take this into consideration when using them.
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So does your response to his/her question mean no you can't use it commercially or simply that you hadn't thought of that when making them??? I have the same question and also is there a fee to use these or do I only have to credit you? Thanks.
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The following should answer your question.
To anyone who purchases these brushes, or any other brushes that I've made available for purchase here on deviantART.
You may use any of my brushes that you have purchased as you wish, with credit given to me as the rightful creator.
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Thank you - Used here: [link]
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I also have IrfanView, I use it to view PSD's.
I'm curious to know how you used it to add in creating the "Dare To Remember" image.
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When I finish a picture in GIMP, I copy & paste it to IfranView to Auto Adjust Colors and then Sharpen up the image. I like the way IfranView does these two manipulations better than GIMP.
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I see, although to me it seems that this program is in no way comparable to what GIMP has to offer, but nonetheless I can tell from your results that it does a fine job.
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You are right about it being not comparable at all. I've been learning about GIMP for over a year and still have not really seen what all it can do.

I need lots more practice, but find it so hard to get the time in between real life, writing and photography, lol.

Thank you for the compliments.
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Your welcome and I'm sure you know of all the Gimp tutorials that are out there. Using the tut's can really boost your gimp know-how. ;-)
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Oh yes, I rely heavily on the tuts!
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Here's a link to some really great tutorials by "GIMPtricks" on youtube [link]...

Happy Gimping! :iconbellydanceplz:
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Thanks again! You can find where I used another Dagger from your collection here: [link]

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