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Gimp Rainbow Brushes

By Geosammy
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There are 4 rainbow brushes in this package.
If you have any question on how to use these brushes, let me know some how and I'll try to give you some pointers.

Rainbows aren't difficult to create, but having these brushes will be a big time saver.

Discover how you can make a rainbow the "GIMP way" by using this easy to follow GIMP tutorial...

How to Make a Rainbow in GIMP [link]

My Gimp Brush Gallery:[link]
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Where is the download link? Thanks!
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These brushes are not free to download.
You need to purchase them, using the Purchase link in the upper right-hand portion of the page.
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Ah okay. I am on a mobile device which is probably why I am not seeing the purchase button. Thanks for responding.
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You're welcome. :thumbsup:
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Used your wonderful stock here:
The Brightening by Alexis-Frost
Geosammy's avatar
Very nice and thanks for the link, it's an instant favor.
FrostAlexis's avatar
Aww... you're welcome. I :heart: your rainbows so much :blush:
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Thank you and if I might add, that you've used the Rainbow Brushes in a very unique way.
Which clearly demonstrates how imaginative and extremely skillful you are.
FrostAlexis's avatar kind of you to say. Thank you! :la: :heart:
FrostAlexis's avatar
Used here:
La Valentina by Alexis-Frost
Thank you for the stock!
Geosammy's avatar
Very nice, it's an instant favor. 
Thanks for the link.
FrostAlexis's avatar
You're welcome, and have a Happy St Valentines day! Heart Heart1 
Geosammy's avatar
Thanks and,  Happy Valentines Day to you as well.
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Rainbow brushes are very cool
Geosammy's avatar
They've been up here a long time. 
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:D thanks so much! i used them in here:…
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Thanks for the link, it's an instant favor. ;-)
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Thanks for the link to your work, I really appreciate it. ;-)
Beautiful job!
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Thanks for the link and for adding the rainbow brushes into your description of the image.
It's an instant favor. ;-)
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