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25 Star Field Brushes for Gimp



This pack contains 25 different star fields. Most are of a large size. Remember to give props were there due. That's all I ask. :-)
The comet in the preview image doesn't appear in any of these brushes. The "Gimp Comet" brush can be found in my Gimp Brush and Resources Gallery folder.

Here's a tip on how you can create your own star field backgrounds fast and easy using Gimp:

*Start with a black background. go to, Filters, Noise,RGB noise. Uncheck Independent RGB, set the red, green and blue to 0. 40 and a instant star-field will appear. This can give you a good base to work from.*

My Gimp Brush and Resources Gallery folder:[link]

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Once again great brushes Geosammy, I used them here [link] and here [link] thanks!