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Pulseman's Salute

One of GameFreak's lesser-sung heroes making his most iconic pose, popping out of your computer screen.
Done with MyPaint and GIMP, made to fit Chromebook C720 screens (1366 x 768 pixel sizing), but can easily fit larger screens and stretch with minuscule loss.

Pulseman (the character and the game) is a part of GameFreak's lineup, therefore I do not own the intellectual properties of either.  Just this piece of artwork.
However,  if you haven't heard of the game Pulseman for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, I recommend it to anyone fond of platformers or anything GameFreak.  It's a blast and it deserves to be played at least once.
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Ah yes! Someone else who remembers the Digital Hero, Pulseman!
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I found out about it through the Japanese game show Gamecenter CX a good while ago and enjoyed it since.

It's a wonderful game and a really nice platformer for being somewhat obscure today, especially considering GameFreak made it. 
At least they put little shout-outs in Pokemon with the likes of Ledian, Rotom and Xatu (looks like a near-carbon copy of a mook in Pulseman).