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As always, it's been quite a while! But I hope all has been well with you all, and I just wanted to get you all up to speed about what I've been up to!

Twitch Livestreams

I started to do livestreams over at Twitch.tv/GeoTheHeroLIVE! I mostly play games, but every once in a while I will be streaming my freelance or commission work! I'm having a great time doing what I love, and meeting new friends in the process. I spent a lot of time making it a comfortable environment to hang out in, so by all means stop by to relax sometime.

Discord Community

Want to hang out after hours? I now have my own personal GeoTheHero Discord Server to chat, share music, crack funny jokes, and other content. I will also directly notify the server whenever I post new Art, or go LIVE on Twitch!
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Venture Party: Card Game (NOW AVAILABLE!)

For those of you that don't know, I am the illustrator behind the card game Venture Party! It's a fun and simple, 3-7 player, hand management game. It's filled with fantasy themes and RPG tropes that are turned on their heads, and is full of clumsy and unfortunately ill-fated heroes. The land is ripe with opportunity, so grow your fortune, build up your team, and be the Venture Party that comes out on top! It's currently available for $25, and the package looks oh so pretty. I'm super proud of the work I've put into it, and I have other card game work coming up on the horizon!

AMAZON (physical release): www.amazon.com/Golden-Bell-Stu…
TABLETOP SIMULATOR (workshop ver.): steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles…

Talk More Soon!
George Rottkamp (GeoTheHero)
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