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DORKLY: Breath of the Wild - Beginning VS. End

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Published: July 28, 2017
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A new Dorkly comic collab about Zelda Breath of the Wild - Beginning VS. End.

Written by Tristan Cooper and Julia Lepetit, and art by yours truly!

To see any of my other comics from Dorkly, check out my profile page.

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xXPastel-BunniesXx Digital Artist
Very true
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Lynels don't stand a chance now
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MaxMadness9Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So, true.
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
mmm... about the last pair.

It was OMG HOW AWESOME when i started, but now i'm more like "Hahh... awesome" in calm sense. I'm not as excited, but i still like it ^_^

(Though i would like Nintendo to return to linear-like adventure like in previous Zeldas... or at least to make UNDERGROUND DUNGEONS, instead of many shrines... Big dungeons with keys and maps and many many rooms... that was the selling point of Zelda to me even before i started to buy Zelda (I started playing them on emulators. Now i'm playing Zelda ONLY on Nintendo). I mean, it was so much like Metroid (Though i started to play Metroid after Zelda), i loved the metroidvania elements in older games, where you pick one powerup and now you can acess more stuff... and then one more upgrade, and them more stuff... i love when world opens from layer to layer ^_^ Open world where i'm free to do whenever i want is... boring to me. BECAUSE I WANT EVERYTHING. And because i want everything, I NEED RESTRICTIONS to control my needs.)
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Well, in my opinion big Dungeons wouldnt had fit in the open world style. The world in Botw is a large dungeon in itself. And in some ways it is a post apocalyptic Hyrule. Most of it was destroyed when Calamity Ganon appeared 100 years ago. The old dungeons where probably completly destroyed or where so rotten down since Botw plays 10.000 years after Ocarina of time. That is a very long time and not even magic Dungeons last that long. 
I love the shrines and the Titans since they can be played much more fluently than the traditional Dungeons  To be honest i never really liked it when the traditional Dungeons where so big, not because i find them bad but i am too impatient to play through them. And that whole find the map, keys, compass and item is not really funny at all. In the traditional Dungeons you always need to have a specific item in order to solve them but in Botw you can solve them how you want and with anything you want. 
There is no "you need that item to solve xxxx". You can do what ever you want. And to be honest every riddle in the traditional dungeons werent that new either. 
The shrines/Titans have some really difficult riddles which are very fun to solve in your own way and not the way the game tells you to do. And i love to take pictures of almost everything in the Botw world and to collect information with these photos. 
That is why i like Botw a bit better than OoT. I never played OoT in my childhood and to be honest i never really understood why people consider it the best Zelda game, other than the fact that it was the first 3D Zelda game. OoT is awesome, so that nobody understands me wrong but i dont find it that grandly like anyone else. For me it is just a great game. 
I hpe you understand what i mean.
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
...And what about people who don't want to do what they want in games?

What about people who like order?

I love traditional dungeons, because they are metroidvanias.

I hate this stupid modern "Do what i want"
I'm a Psychopath and Shizophrenic.
When i want something, i think about other thing that makes me want other thing andt hen i think about another thing and so on...

When i have a freedom in a game, i just don't know what to do.
I need a specific order to keep myself calm.

Either way, Ocarina of Time may not be the best, but it's one of the best.
But if to think... it's the best. It has almost 8 dungeons, they are big, unique, each one of them is like a metroidvania! ^_^

I don't want big world. I want METROIDVANIA. Look at Ori and the Blind Forest. It's a good metroidvania ^_^

Either way, i do understand what you mean...

I just love to do X to take Y and then to do Z and so on...

I love doing things in order.

After all, i'm a person who's hobby is to sort things. ^_^
Like, saving pictures of monster bestiary from some games, and then sort them by enemy type and so on.. ^__^
Alice2260541's avatar
I understand that. Sorry if i sounded rude with my comment.
You know it is not that i dont like order, it is just that most dungeons in the previous Zelda games where to big for me, and i am not very patient in such big dungeons and quests. For me it is difficult to orientate in such big dungeons even with a map and a compass. I like Botw, from its concept, better because as a child me and my friends explored our enviroment very often and that kind of freedom is great.
I agree that Oot is a great game but for me it isnt the best one since i never played it in my childhood, i wasnt even born then (as a child i didnt even know that The Legend of Zelda series existed). For me it is just a nice game but somehow i dont have the patients (did i write that word right?) to finish it, i like it better to watch other people play it. The first three dungeons in Oot are my favorites since they are not to short or to big. They are the same size like the Divine beasts.
And another reason on why i like Botw so much is because it is my first Open-World game ever.
And i love Kass in the game with his accordion. I just love that song and the whole Botw soundtrack.
I love that the soundtrack is more subtle in Botw, it allows you to feel the sheer size of Botws world. An epic score like Oots soundtrack wouldt had fit with that kind of post apocalyptic world. The adventure in Botw isnt a fun and grand adeventure like many other previous Zelda titels, it is serious even though it doesnt look like it. Link in Botw doesnt remember his life from 100 years ago, he needs to search for his memories, and almost all of his friends (from 100 years ago) where killed by calamity Ganon, exept of Impa/Robbie and Princess Zelda.
The old Hyrule is forgotten, the old temple dungeons are all gone, destroyed or were so old that they fell apart. The Temple of Time on the Plateu is only a ruin now and no one in Botws Hyrule even knows about the Temple of Time. Only we players know the true origins of the Temple of Time and what it standed for.
Botw plays 10.000 years after a Zelda, which is just a story/legend and wasnt made into a game, and that Zelda plays 10.000 years after Oot. You could say that Botw plays 20.000 years after Oot, Hyrule got well advanced and the Zelda after Botw probably will have big dungeons again because the people in Hyrule built new ones.

I just find it sad that a lot of people are just hating Botw because of xxx reasons. Some people hate that Botw doesnt have big dungeons and some people hate the soundtrack in Botw because they say that it isnt "rememberable" (did i write that right?) or that it doesnt have that "Zelda" feel.
I understand that it is strange when there are suddenly short dungeons or when the music isnt as grand as previous Zelda games, but it isnt the end of the world for gods sake. You will get used to that new concept and Botw still has that "Zelda" feel even though it is modernized and with a difficult concept.

:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
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Keytee-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't hate Breath of the Wild.
I got used to it, and i can play it easily...

But still... i prefer "inside" locations in games, not "outside"

Look... i started to play Zelda games since 2009, i played them on emulators.
I played Zelda games from NES Zelda to Twilight Princess, in order of release date, skipping Zelda II, Oracles and Majora's Mask...

I can get used to any change in games.
But if some elements of the game were the ones that made me love it, then they keep inside me.
That's why i love stuff that other people hate. People hate Sonic Forces, but i love it, because it reminds me of Sonic Heroes from my childhood.    People hate Final Fantasy XIII, but i love it because it has elements from classic FF games that I personally love.

Oh well...
Have you ever played Metroid? Or Ori and the Blind Forest?
Alice2260541's avatar
Well i only played Metroid other M and the 3DS remake to Samus Returns. And i am going to play Ori and the Blind Forest but not now.

Sorry that i assumend that you hate Botw. It is ok if you prefer "inside" locations in games. Every one has their Opinion of Video Games and every one has a different way to play them.:) (Smile) Clap Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Sorry for my grammar.Sweating a little... 
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
This is VERY opinionated on how anyone would feel by the end lol XD 
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GeorgeRottkampProfessional General Artist
I didn't write the comic, but I don't see how it is opinionated. I get where the writers are coming from, and obviously not everyone is going to have the same experience especially when it comes to open world games. But I do know a lot of people that share these thoughts so I don't think the premise is baseless. What are your thoughts on the new Zelda?
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
I have only seen others play it but it is very repetitive but if you are having fun with it then it's fine Metal Gear 5 was too 
GeorgeRottkamp's avatar
GeorgeRottkampProfessional General Artist
It's only as repetitive as you make it. Repeat playthroughs I tend to prioritize only what I have to do to get the full ending and not much else. Sure you can collect every Korok, complete every shrine, grind upgrade materials, and complete every quest, but what I love is that you are never forced to do any of those things.

I never played Metal Gear 5, but I'm sure it applies for that game as well like you said!
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GeorgeRottkampProfessional General Artist
Well thank you very much!
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