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a quick work i've done today.
still learning inkscape.. it's my third pic with the program. .)

what do you think?
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Cool stuff! I'm just getting into Inkscape and so far I absolutely LOVE it! Anyway, nice work. Orangey goodness..
very good
but how you can make a back man pic in inkscape ?
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Sweet design and great effect with only few colours. I like the vector very much but the stars in the background look somewhat displaced.
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its simple, yet awesome, good work :)
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love this colours! ... and composition!
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Again, I like this one too. What is this "inkscape"?
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thank you for your comments! :)
inkscape is an open source svg-editor.
for a free download and more information just visit [link]
it's a great software with a nice community! :D
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Thanks. I'll check it out!
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Wow, saw this is the inkscape gallery, the colours and the city in the background are really beautifull! I'm downloading inkscape right now, but I've never used a vector-program before, so do you have any tips?

*pokes the 19% of program stuff* I'm a Dial-upper ._.;
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i always wondered - what program do people use to make an object (in this case, the person and city) a solid color without a few extra pixels. what do you use for these?
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i'm not sure what you mean.. "extra pixels"? i used inkscape ([link]) for this work. nothing else was used to edit the final image.
thanks for the comment :)
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very nicely done
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nice motion, good work
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Sick! Can you give me any insight on how you came up with the concept? I'm trying to figure out how some creative people work and hopefully adapt their approaches to help me create my owen art. And how did you choose the colors?
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thanks for your comment! :)

well.. there wasn't a concept i was working after. i started with the dancer and when he was done i just added the other parts. it's like looking at the picture, imagine a new part/change, and then bringing it "to paper". the picture evolves until i decide it's finished.
of course that's not the way i ALWAYS work. but it's the story of this pic. :)
choosing colors for me is a matter of trial-and-error. the best way to find a good color is opening the color/gradient editor in your software and look at the influence the different colors have on your work. sometimes you have to tweak a lot to reach the desired goal (as it was with "dancing" btw), or you might randomly select a color and "baamm"! that's it! heh
the best way to "develop" a good picture is either -make a good concept/sketch- or -try to imagine the pic while drawing it-. i don't think it helps much just to start drawing random things an hoping that a good composition will evolve from that. you should always have a plan in mind, be it the plan of the whole image in form of a concept, or parts of the image cleary built in your imagination.
i am not a big friend of concepts, cause my concepts always change a lot while working on a picture. so i am more of the imagination-guy.. you should be able to work out a specific concept though. but i've got enough of that at work.. *g*

i hope, that helped a little, and hey.. it's only my opinion. other artists might work completly different. try it and judge for yourself. :)
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Thanks. It's nice to know how people get to the end of their creation.
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no problem.
anytime :)
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This piece is very very cool!
congrats! :D
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that's a quick work? what will be the result if you put twice the time in a piece of art?

anyway, a new idea that looks fantastic.
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