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Born of the Geoproteanthrope, a meteoric life form from in which the loteuraleous is spawned for the sole purpose of carrying the Bleudaptoatl and many other complex life forms to hatch and root as sub-oceanic heterogony as parthenogenetic lifeforms, hatching and developing alongside the coral reefs of an oceanic world.

A Bleudaptoatl illusionist capable of mentally projecting imagery and patterns introducing psychosolar radiation of the visible and invisible spectrum. These abilities are capable of greatly influencing and stabilizing advancement among the forming phenology of ocean reef life. This Imagery also serves as effective communication unto complex organisms...

If this interests you please see my gallery and read my literature deviations.., beginning with Geoproteanthrope- and followed by The Bleudaptoatl and the Psychederm...Thanks for your support...
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Hello GEOPROTEANTHROPE Members, Please submit more 'Journals'!! And use them for whatsoever purposes you will! It would be a great way to elevate your viewer's awareness, about the unique and interesting processes, behind some of your successful artworks. For an example go to the group page, select the "journal" tab, on the right hand side of the page you'll see the "recent journal entries". Then select one of several of my "Out of the Chaos" series. This should give you a basic idea of what it is that I am recommending you might do... Let me know if you need any additional assistance, or if you have any questions. Just use necessary filters where required... And please, by all means, do have fun with it!

Yours Truly,

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"Eyleidiabasquellya" is a "Bleudaptoatl"
Born of the Geoproteanthrope, a meteoric life form from in which the loteuraleous is spawned for the sole purpose of carrying the Bleudaptoatl and many other complex life forms to hatch and root as sub-oceanic heterogony as parthenogenetic lifeforms, hatching and developing alongside the coral reefs of an oceanic world.
A Bleudaptoatl illusionist capable of mentally projecting imagery and patterns introducing psychosolar radiation of the visible and invisible spectrum. These abilities are capable of greatly influencing and stabilizing advancement among the forming phenology of ocean reef life. This Imagery also serves as effective communication unto complex organisms...
If this interests you please see my gallery and read my literature deviations.., beginning with Geoproteanthrope- and followed by The Bleudaptoatl and the Psychederm...Thanks for your support.
I just Love the Phenomena of "pareidolia".
"Pareidolia". Definition: The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable
images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines.
I started some compositions as a Kaleidos,
I found the "Eyleidiabasquellya" in many pieces within these Kaleidos :
Boquet   Omega   Wynn   Kaleido
Boquet   Omega   Y   Kaleido
Boquet   Omega   Z   Kaleido
Next, I created this Bust that was made from analyzing the contents and
cut/paste/manipulate, to create the following:
Blue Horned Angel Ascended One   Ia   WIP
Then I created the alternate background and added the Bleudaptoatl:
Eyleidiabasquellya   VI
If you are interested I can put any of my works on a tee-shirt, poster, or one of many fine
products. For examples go to:
I am pleased that you like them so much. Yeah I really peaked recently with my efficiency of producing the Kaleidos in the past recent weeks. So much so, that, I have needed to dial it back a bit. So yes, to answer your question, my process has been quite an evolution for sure. It all started when I was learning about the filter effects on the graphics program that i use called "GIMP". The very first Kaleido I made was a manipulation of an original art piece I created:
"Giant Bleudaptoatl"
Giant Bleudaptoatl Serpentine
Which was used to create this:
"Bleudaptoatl Kaleidoscope"
Bleudaptoatl Kaleidoscope
I kinda wonder what kept me on these kaleidos, but I kept using my digital works to generate them. Then I photographed my traditional art, and incorporated them as well...
This went on for a while, then I made a breakthrough discovery about the very nature of Kaleidos.
I just Love the Phenomena of "pareidolia".
Definition: The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable
images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines.
Kaleidos are great resources of "ready made" compositions with remarkable and striking occurrence in creating faces. This must be, I concluded, due to the natural relationships of things like faces (animal, humanoid, angelic, alien and demonic) to aspects of
"Sacred Geometry"
One of my first and most valuable examples of my use of pareidolia in composing art is a simple pattern that I drew:
"Tricircular Pattern":
Tricircular 8iXi8
Using this image I generated a kaleido:
"Under the Thunder"
Under the Thunder
Where I found a trio of totemic faces (top, middle)
That I interpreted as, (from the top), a fox, an owl, and a buffalo.
Totemic Faces
After which, I found faces within to complete the totem:
Totemic Faces  HiYiH
Totemic Faces  III
Ssssnissse to meet you!
Psychedelic Serpent
Psychedelic Serpent      MIVIM
Snake     8i8
Owl-Fox Hybrid   qVAVp
Psychedelic Serpent   Embossed
And, as you can see, so many works evolved from this!
I would love to thank you and share appreciation for whoever has taken the time to read and see this experience together with me here on DeviantArt, Warmest regards and welcome any shares or comments from our community.
meso-mhyrr, or starryn8 (aka)
I love making kaleidoscopic images. Or, as I like to call them, "Kaleidos". Yeah, they are not as intricate as fractals, however, they are great for the phenomena called "pareidolia". Because of this, I think they are just as cool as any other style of art. "Pareidolia". Definition: The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines. I create Kaleidos from my own original multi-media art and I find so many significant characters and compositions of varied intensity and credibility.
I made art, using a photo of our compost heap!
Compost   1a
, So, coming up is one of my Kaleidos. This is one, of a series I made, using the above photo.
Compost   Rho   Kaleido
, From the above composition,, I cut out, a Ninja!
Ninja Royal Assassin   1
I could not believe how detailed his likeness represents a Ninja! His eyes especially are stunning! I used the above head and torso and cut out and manipulated a couple more found extractions, to create the arms, legs, hands, feet, and weaponry. FYI: The beautiful reddish colors within the image are actually red onion skins!
Ninja Royal Assassin   2
, So much fun I was having! I am amazed of just what I might find if I only look carefully enough... I hope you have found this journal entertaining and even slightly as a learning experience. Many thanks for letting me share, meso-mhyrr
Hiii! my commissions are open~! See info and samples here
I love drawing cute and colorful stuffs! Sceneries, galaxies and so much more! I can draw your OCs, Fanarts, NSFWs, Gore and some vehicles. I'll do my best to draw the character you desire and make it look wonderful! Just see my "Commission Info" for more
K'i'ik'el Mojate   Kappa   13
"K'i'ik'el Mojate Kappa 13"
K'i'ik'el Mojate   Kappa   22
"K'i'ik'el Mojate Kappa 22"
K'i'ik'el Mojate   Kappa   23
"K'i'ik'el Mojate Kappa 23"
K'i'ik'el Mojate   Kappa   25
"K'i'ik'el Mojate Kappa 25"
K'i'ik'el Mojate   Kappa   26
"K'i'ik'el Mojate Kappa 26"
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Short Stories
This Is Going to HurtElliot Smith was running down the school hallway, being quickly pursued by four angry individuals. “Get back here, you stupid turd!” the leader of the group shouted. Oh, why did he have to mouth off to these guys, Elliot thought to himself. He should have known they’d kick his ass. Elliot quickly ducked around a corner and looked for somewhere to hide. He spotted a classroom and ran inside. He quickly closed the door behind him and listened closely as his pursuers ran past. Elliot let out a sigh of relief. Hopefully he could hide out in this place for the moment until he figured out what to do. That’s when he felt a hand on his shoulder and nearly jumped. “Oh, hello there,” came a friendly voice. Elliot turned around to see another student. This individual appeared to have crimson red hair and was dressed rather formally in a cyan-coloured dress shirt with a dark-blue bow tie and dark-blue dress pants. A white medical mask adorned his face. “Did you come here with a dental ailment?” William Vanderhausen asked. “What? No!” Elliot replied, looking confused, “actually, I’m just-” “Oh, then you must be volunteering to assist me with my research,” the other student said, a beaming smile radiating from underneath his mask. Before Elliot could reply, he was being dragged by William over to a mechanical chair and forcefully seated in it. The other student then began strapping Elliot’s arms and legs to the chair, followed by his torso and head. “H-hang on! What are you doing?!” Elliot demanded as he was being strapped to the chair. “Just making sure you stay still for the experiment,” William replied. “W-wait! Experiment?! What kind of experiment?” Elliot exclaimed, getting nervous as he watched William put on a pair of white medical examination gloves. The redhead then stood next to a machine that looked like a thick table slanted at a 45-degree angle. On the front of this machine were various knobs and switches, as well as a few analogue meters. From the back of it hung numerous electrical cords. Some appeared to have Velcro attached to them while others did not. William took these cords and began placing them all over Elliot’s body. The non-Velcro cords were attached with a bit of adhesive. “Oh, I’ll be happy to explain. Once I finish attaching these cords, I will give you the full details,” William said in a cheery manner. As usual, he mistook his test subject’s concern for scientific interest. The science-loving student then walked back over to the front of the machine and gestured to it. “This device is going to send an electric charge through your body. The sensors will pick up how your body reacts and the data will be recorded into the machine’s databank. I will be controlling the electrical output and making observational notes,” William stated. Elliot’s eyes went wide at the explanation he just heard. “Wait, what?!! No, no, no, wait!!” he exclaimed, but William already flipped the switch that turned on the machine. William turned a few dials and the machine began sending an electric charge into Elliot’s body. Meanwhile, right outside the science lab, the four guys who were chasing Elliot met back up, having split up to search for him. “So, did you find him?” the group leader asked. The other three shook their heads. “Tch!” the leader grunted in annoyance. He then pounded a fist into the other hand. “Looks like the lucky bastard managed to escape a world of pain,” the leader said angrily. The four guys began walking away, taking no notice of the agonized screams coming from the science lab.,...
N:Era CotW: Chapter 7: A Pink HeartChapter 7: A Pink HeartCyras enjoyed picking out snacks as they prepared for the Towers tournament. They'd have snacks before training sessions, between training sessions, after training sessions, really anytime she felt hungry. Apparently this was essential for teaching. Sometimes a reward came after Cyras learned something new or figured out a neat trick, or understood a ruling."Cyras, what you did to Owlis was wrong. You're not going to implicate me, or say that I've been housing you, okay?""Gee, why have you always been so uptight about anyone knowing I'm a Wilder anyway?""Wilders aren't allowed in the kingdom," Ahmond said.Cyras saw a clear weak spot in Ahmond's game, and got the sixth win in a row. The coywolf puffed her cheeks out."You just started playing, and you're already beating me so easily," the coywolf said, "You're a natural."Cyras shrugged, before explaining, "My main plan is I not only make what I think is a good move, but I think about the statistical probabilities. If I have three copies of a card, but have seven cards that can search that card, and I have sixty cards in my reserves, then I draw seven, I'm guaranteed to draw the card I want."With a nod, Ahmond pretended to understand, before saying, "You have Rosod's sorta approach.""Well, if I have ten cards out of sixty that give me what I want, then I have a one in six chance to get one of them, and if I draw seven cards, then I'm going to get one of them," Cyras told her."No, no, I get that you cheat," Ahmond told her with a grin, "just that, I'm never going to understand this stuff and that's why Lilu and Rosod keep making fun of how I suck at playing.""Would not say ever. You probably never try to apply yourself."Ahmond rolled her eyes, before blowing air."Also," Cyras asked while shuffling, "why aren't we allowed in the kingdom? Aren't you all Wilders? Just that you have rules and stuff?""Just something about the laws here," Ahmond said, "I really doubt I could explain everything to you.""Why did you two want me to stay here if housing me could easily get you into trouble?""I already told you, we're friends.""Are you really going to risk going to jail over me? You've only known me for a few days.""I've done worse for Lilu," Ahmond told her."I just have a problem understanding how you could be friends with her when she's so mean and straightforward, and you're so..." Soft, weak, a little bit meek. "...Not like that."Ahmond shrugged as she shuffled her cards. "Um, Lilu was the first one to talk to me when I moved here. She cared little about how I was a peasant girl. Instead, she invited me to join her group anyway, after some initiation rituals.""...Explain those rituals.""Sometimes, she'd have a prank on me, like telling me there was this rare card that existed that only she had, and I'd have to play her, and after ten losses in a row, she gave me the card only to reveal the card was fake."Cyras said, "How could you not stand up for yourself!?"Ahmond flinched and shrugged once more. "We're going to need to disguise you. Other kids won't read the news, so you'll probably be able to get into the Towers tournament if we cover you with a scarf or something.""Answer me."Ahmond muttered something.Cyras raised an eyebrow.Ahmond repeated, "I'm not sure."Pushing her wasn't going to help. Ahmond needed someone to be patient with her, otherwise, Cyras would find herself being the bully."We still have 26 hours," Cyras told her, "let's make the best of them." *** Lilu entered the Card Capers shop with Rosod."Look, I appreciate the fact you let me have sleepovers with you, but your family is loud at night.""I have more siblings than I can count," Rosod told her. "They're running around, crawling everywhere, pulling fur. And they eat everything."Both hyena and weasel stared at the sheet announcing the first matches. Normally, she only cared about her own match, but her eyes narrowed at the sight of Cyras the Wilder's name. "She's here, she's really part of this."Rosod said, "And she starts with no points just like you.""We weren't doing anything wrong, right?" Lilu asked. "After all, we were just hazing her.""No, I get you," Rosod said. "You've got to be careful though when you're messing with someone who's not quite from the same culture.""Yeah, I guess you're right, but at the same time, she attacked us. So I feel like if we didn't break our friendship, then she shouldn't?"Rosod told her, "Nah, you're right."While Lilu knew she might have gone too far, that was simply a might, a maybe. Maybe she went too far. But she had a lot of stress in her life, and maybe she said something that was maybe a bit wrong.Cyras never apologized anyway.Besides, how good of a friend was Cyras anyway? Cyras who kept causing them problems and Cyras who never sat still, and Cyras who never apologized anyway.Why did she keep having to pulling pranks on others? First Ahmond, then Cyras. Why was she trying to get others to reject her so much?No. Lilu was fine. She was certain that nothing happened that wouldn't be fair to someone else, and they could fire back in return. Those who couldn't stand to be with her weren't fit to be friends with her in the first place. She wasn't even going to think of Cyras.Speaking of, Lilu was wondering where Cyras was until she saw her next to Ahmond's tail, wearing a red scarf around her face. A twinge of adrenaline squeezed her heart as she shied away.The first rounds of the tournament were known as Swiss rounds, where everyone played several opponents. After each round, they accumulated points.The top eight would face off in single elimination.A break was called for the tournament, as Lilu wandered the mall for thirty minutes, making sure to stay far away from Cyras - who had gotten into the top eight."How am I supposed to win, when she's so good at this game!? That's not even fair. There's no way someone can be that good that quickly..." She wanted to talk to her, but something prevented her. She couldn't will herself to face the emotions, the sweat that poured when she thought about Cyras. A wolf filled the box with new newspapers, one of which Lilu bought, a habit she got since her mom never read the news.Nothing interesting, until she got to the back where she saw Cyras' mugshot."Invaded the Empress’ private garden, and even attacked her. If you know any information, there is a reward for her... How is this even possible?" Lilu wondered also how lax the security was around Owlis' palace.Rosod came up to Lilu. "Why are you reading the news?""Ahmond and I both read the news. We're responsible like that." Lilu pointed out the segment of the paper that had Cyras. "Now look at this. So far no one can tell that that is Cyras in that tournament right now.""Not that weird, all you have to do is add a mole and suddenly you can become an entirely different individual.""You sure?""Yes, and also a test was done where they had someone order something, and when the worker turned away, they replaced them with someone else. The worker never noticed that.""So wait, you're saying that only a couple of slight alterations can make someone invisible?" Lilu asked."If you're not looking for them, that is," Rosod told her."Hmm," Lilu said with a nod, realizing her problems were solved with this paper. *** Without Cyras, everything became quieter. Ryvoh trudged past trees as Kryyk trampled on the flowers."Um, Ryvoh..."Ryvoh narrowed her eyes at him, and he kept his head lowered, submissive.She knew the question would be about why she kicked Cyras out of the nest, but this was for the better for all of them. No way would she let Owlis stumble upon them. Cyras was a necessary cost, but Kryyk was still safe, for now.Kryyk saw a river with a raft. He poked at the boat with his claw. "This is new."Ryvoh smiled at him, an empty, faint smile. "Aye, Kryyk, I love you."Kryyk blinked at her.Ryvoh blew a bubble that encased him. He gasped and pounded on the bubble, but she floated him into the boat."Ryvoh! Ryvoh! What's going on with you?"She pushed the boat so that the stream carried him away, and her brother floated away for presumably ever.The blue fox fell to her rump. She put her paws to her mouth and screamed into them.Finally, someone was coming who would ruin everything she worked so hard for these past few years. After she finally got away someone was about to pull her back towards Wysdom, towards the Empress. "I see you haven't Cyras with you," Owlis said as she came up behind Ryvoh."I scared the lass off," Ryvoh told her."You've been running so long and your problems are floating away."Neither fox faced the other. Owlis sat next to her."I saw the whipping and the damage."Owlis said, "I wasn't the one who starved her. I wasn't the one who had her dehydrated. She has almost no fat, and while she's admittedly well-fed for a Wilder, she should have had so much more. My baby cousin deserved better."Ryvoh said, "So your argument as always. She’d ah had more, have herself a better life. Not that I forgot to teach her integrity.""You taught her fear."Ryvoh said, "As someone should have taught you." The stream bubbled as several spheres of water rose into the air. They got above even the trees.Storm clouds arose as the Empress got ready herself. She whistled at her and gave a grin. "I love a good battle."Ryvoh told her, "Bring your best."

Mature Content

N:Era CotW: Chapter 6: A Blue BetrayalChapter 6: A Blue BetrayalMaypol escorted Cyras out into a field where several other inmates were working. She pawed at a blue collar, but the guard said, "You may not want to go out of bounds, or else that collar will shock ya, girl."Cyras glared at her and stuck her tongue out. She still remembered the whooping inflicted because of her.A cold day awaited them.Cyras went to work, except, as she didn't know the concept of trash, she looked to others for clues. Some inmates collected scraps of clear papers. Actually, others were throwing away scraps of non-clear papers.Spotting a wanted poster of a coyote, Cyras ripped that off a pole when Maypol said, "Leave that up."Weirdo. And anytime she took too long, some other guard growled at her.The foremen kept them at work, but Cyras realized escaping probably wouldn't be that hard. Cyras imperceptibly summoned flames around her neck, that slowly melted her collar. A stink rose. "Oh no."Several guards encroached her area, attracted by the scent.Cyras got to work digging, faking progress.However, one guard approached her and asked, "Are you digging a hole to other side of the planet?"Cyras responded by sending a fireball into his face. The flame washed over, and almost glided across his expression, as the other guards growled from the assault.The wolf guard jumped in front of her, but the fox jumped onto his head, then his rump, then over to the grass.Snapping jaws came at her hind legs, while other prisoners rooted her on. They all fled in other directions, with the guards chasing them.Cyras ducked underneath a bench, getting a wolf guard to bonk headfirst into the contraption. She turned her head back long enough to blow a raspberry, and she ran away.Once again, she noticed a flash of light as the scenery altered, almost like some type of magic. She raised an eyebrow. This was not time to get investigative of this place's properties.***Several hours later, she stumbled into a clearing of tulips, before collapsing at the stumps. Her legs ached as her body registered the damage Owlis inflicted to her, burning throughout her body.The words "Do Not Enter" crossed her eyes. Well too late.She passed the red block letters, as she took in the scents of pine and oak. Her old scent remained from a few days prior and Cyras struggled to keep the trail. Subconsciously, Cyras got lower, her ears alert.Ryvoh was going to be angry with her.The walk seemed endless, silent in the ethereal infiniteness of the woods. Hours may have been passing, minutes may have been, as the moon was covered by the canopy of the woods. There was no sense of time."Cyras, is that you?"She tensed up, saw a smaller blue fox, before relaxing."Kryyk." She butted her nose against his as both embraced each other. "Take me to Ryvoh.""You look horrible," Kryyk said as he looked her over.Cyras stared down at her various bruises and burns from having fought Owlis, before nodding. "Yeah, I got into a scrap.""My sister and I have been trying to find you for a while now." He helped her lean on him, the blue fox supporting the red fox back to the main territory. Appropriately silent for a while, Kryyk asked, "Where have you been?""I was just-""Where have ya been!?"A bigger blue fox, Kryyk's older sister, came upon them. Ryvoh glared at Cyras, while Kryyk backed up."Well, I was just about to answer that." Cyras smiled faintly. "I was in the society. Sorry.""If you were sorry, I thought yz'd come back sooner," Ryvoh said, and rolled her eyes. "I oughta give ya forty lashes, lass, except, you look beat. As in, like someone actually gave you a beating."Cyras stared at the ground, and said, "The Civics. I talked to a couple of them, the ones we had over, and I followed their scents. They taught me about card games, and they showed me food, and they were really hospitable."Until..." Cyras pawed the grass. "They treated me like I was an idiot and they thought I was their pet."Kryyk frowned as he nuzzled her.Ryvoh sighed, "Well at least you're back now. What did they do to you?""They made fun of me for not knowing anything. They also were planning to pull pranks on me, one even shot me in the bottom with water from a fountain of sorts. Basically, any way to make me look indignant."Ryvoh nodded with a growl. "Yer safer here than you were out there. Aye, sorry to hear what happened, but this lesson was expected, my girl."The "my girl" brought back memories of Owlis.Speaking of her, Ryvoh asked, "Who hurt you?" "Some leader of their society." Cyras said, "Empress Owlis.”"Get out.""Huh?"Kryyk stared at his older sister in shock, his jaw dropped, and Ryvoh repeated, "Leave. Forever, you're part of them now."Cyras' eyebrows twitched, as she wondered if this was some sort of game. However, Ryvoh screamed at her, "Get out!" She blew a bubble, and the fox dashed away in flames. She pumped her legs even though she had no energy for such a task. She slipped down an incline, tumbling onto the floor.Ryvoh shouted, "CYRAS SUMHYR, GO AWAY!" ***Cyras had collapsed at a tree stump. Fading in and out of consciousness, Cyras lost herself in the night. Vague memories spread throughout her dreams, her body ripped apart utterly from the last few days.Whether everything ached physically, from the burning pain which scarred across her body, or from the stinging pain in her bottom, or the stress in her knees. Or from the pain in her thoughts, of betrayal, and questions never answered, and of family lost, and of friends who were enemies.A Coywolf came through the crisp air. "Cyras, Cyras, are you okay?""Ahmond?" Cyras' eyelashes fluttered as she saw her."Cyras!?" Ahmond's gaze examined Cyras all over. She tried to help the fox up, but Cyras went limp in her arms. "Cyras, I'm so sorry! I had no idea.""I'm sorry," Cyras said.Ahmond paused. "You haven't done anything wrong."Cyras stared away. "Maybe I have. I don't understand your world, I don't belong in your world, I don't belong to my world either...""I-""Ryvoh kicked me out. She attacked me." Cyras rolled onto the log.Ahmond told her, "I saw your wanted poster. You're a criminal, and they're planning to capture you unless you turn yourself in. I made sure my cousins haven't read the paper yet."Cyras laughed harshly, her voice rasping. "Really? So Owlis still cares about me? After all, she's the one who captured me and beat me."The coywolf paused and put a paw up. She pointed at Cyras. "Owlis is interested in you.""She just wanted me to join something known as N:Era.""Oh yeah! So you are her cousin.""Not all of us foxes are related!" Cyras told her."No, just that why else would she care?" Ahmond told her. "There were four seasonal cousins. Owlis is the seasonal cousin of Autumn, but the cousin of Summer was lost to time so that probably has something to do with you. There was Snofall, Owlis, and Sumhyr - which is your last name according to the report."Cyras' eyes widened as she stared at Ahmond, almost unable to speak in horror. She stuttered. "I, but, I..." She began hyperventilating.Ahmond put a paw on her back. "I'm part of N:Era. My cousins and I were the first to know about N:Era, and I'm the first known member. But you're clearly the next member. Cyras, I think you're the missing cousin.""...My last name is Sumhyr," Cyras relented, as she realized she was probably blood to Owlis. She pointed to the woods. "I go there, someone will maul me."She pointed to the city. "Yet if I go there, Owlis will capture me. She locked me in a jail, forced me into community service, and whacked me with a paddle ten times.""Thirty.""I think I would remember thirty.""Well, that's what they wrote in the news."Cyras' brows furrowed as she thought about all the mysteries. So far, Owlis was willing to lighten up on punishment because of Ryvoh, however, Ryvoh never wanted to see her because she met Owlis. There was both an implication of friendliness and animosity. Then Owlis falsified the information of her paddling.Ahmond lifted her back paw and chewed at her foot.Cyras remembered something."Your family is going to be angry you ran off." "Yeah, but I had to make sure you were okay," Ahmond told her. "I've been trying to find you and helping a friend is worth getting in trouble for.""You think we're friends?"Ahmond tilted her head. "I didn't lie for you and make sure you weren't carted off back to the Wilds for nothing." Cyras blinked, as Ahmond retrieved some cards from her bag. "These are yours."Staring at the cardboard, Cyras' eyes glazed over. She fanned through them before a smile reached across her face."Cyras?""I'm going to beat Lilu in the Towers tournament.""Huh?""This is perfect!" Cyras wagged her tail. "From what I remember, if I win the tournament, I get tea with Owlis. I'll take my revenge and then I'll finally confront someone to see if she's my cousin or not.""...Well there goes my afternoon I guess."
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Chaptered stories
N:Era CotW: Chapter 8: The Greenest HonestyChapter 8: The Greenest Honesty One minute left before the tournament resumed, so Cyras took a deep breath. Outside, rain and lightning textured the sky.Ahmond said. "Was sunny only a few moments ago."Cyras said, "Probably just a freak shower. That happens a lot around Spring."Ahmond nodded. "Oh yeah! You're right.""I saw Lilu at the tournament, but we never talked. She's focused on herself.""As usual.""Why did you two come into the wilds anyway?" Cyras asked. "You two were, if I may say, woefully unprepared for a fight."Ahmond said, "Rosod bet us some money, meanwhile, Lilu wanted to run away from home. Um, after she becomes a queen, she'll have no time to play Towers or anything, so this is her last chance to win one."Cyras' brows furrowed before her attention went to the clock, which struck three. The tournament was about to restart. Several younger animals clambered in a horde towards the indigo card game shop, though Cyras eyed some fries left unattended. She was about to jump up to bite the salty little treats, when Ahmond shoved her and said, "No." With a pout and a growl, Cyras caught up and got back into the shop.Ahmond faced Lilu in the quarter-finals, and Cyras was hoping she'd win.Lilu took out her with a barrage of Fighters and said, "Next."Well, that sucks."Sorry I lost," Ahmond told Cyras.Cyras smiled and wagged her tail. "You got to the top eight. I think you did as well as you could this time.""No, I actually made a few misplays.""Well, have you had fun?""I guess," Ahmond told her.At the semi-finals, Cyras took out a jackal, while Lilu faced Rosod, but the bipedal weasel announced, "I surrender."All eyes went over to her table. Lilu's face screwed up into shock. "But, you could probably win.""I think you need this more than I do," Rosod told her before she walked away from the table.Ahmond's ears went up in alarm. "But Rosod is probably the best player, why would she leave the tournament?""There are only fifty players here," Cyras pointed out. "This is hardly as many as I'd thought in a place as big as Wysdom."Ahmond told her, "There's an entrance fee you have to pay to join the tournament. Not everybody has the money, the time, or the skill. Also, this is part of Sunnyvilla part of the tournament, not the Wysdom Empirical Tournament.""So there's more!?" Cyras shrieked, getting some eyes on her.Ahmond glanced at Cyras' scarf and spoke calmer. "Luckily, Lilu paid for us, but others won't have the entrance fee money even if they have enough points. Anyway, all six winners will get their own tea party before the internationals."Cyras wanted to ask more questions but thought about how Lilu helped them. A jackal's voice snapped her back to the current state of affairs."This is the final game for the Towers Juniors National Tournament. We have two competitors left."Both girls faced each other knowingly. Cyras held her head up as she arrived at the table, and hopped up while flicking her brush.Lilu hadn't needed to hop up, already being plenty big.Cyras and Lilu sat across from each other, and shuffled, with Cyras banging her cards against the edge to get them neatly aligned, while Lilu sprawled her cards and mixed them up. Both cut the other's stack before beginning play.Shock lit up their faces. Their hands were the exact ones they drew in their first match.Lilu read Cyras' expression and said, "And to think, I was going to win that match too."Cyras said, "You were going to lose.""Hmph."Both monotonously played, until finally, they arrived at the game state as before. Cyras: 10000 Soul PointsField: One Ancient Stone Wolf (3000/10000)Tower: 2 Fire.Hand: 4 cards Lilu: 6000 Soul PointsField: 1 Viper Piper, 1 Kaiser Vanguard, 1 Instant"My Poison Element Viper Piper, and my Dark Element Kaiser Vanguard, Combination Call. I unveil Princess of Fangs." She put Viper Piper and Kaiser Vanguard in her discard to play a Poison and Dark-Element Fighter, a chimera.15000/13000"Ancient Stone Wolf cannot be attacked," Cyras told her."Instant, Unveil, Freezer. Now all abilities during combat are nullified. Princess of Fangs, battle."As Princess of Fangs had more Strength than Wolf had Shield, the fanged creature ripped Cyras' card apart and inflicted the excess Strength as 5000 Soul Points to her.Cyras put the salamander-like being into her discard pile.Cyras' Soul Points: 10000 - 5000Lilu put an instant, and said, "Your move, make this count.""Okay. I pay all ten of my Fire Tower, for Burn Wyrm," Cyras told her.Burn Wyrm: 10000/10000Lilu had Barrier, meaning that she could stop any attack Cyras gave. However, Burn Wyrm would inflict 5000 damage to either player at the end of the turn, meaning Cyras was guaranteed to lose, while Lilu would survive. "Lilu, I'm sorry." Lilu blinked. "I know your mom chased you out of your home, but Ryvoh chased me out of mine as well, after you left." She undid her scarf, as Ahmond's eyes widened. Marks and scratches covered her body, as she explained, "After the library, I ran into the Empress, and we battled, and she left electrical marks all over me. However, I came back to the Wilds, and Ryvoh kicked me out after I said I met Owlis and told me she never wanted to see me again." The Coywolf shuffled around on her feet nervously. The one jackal who coordinated the event stared at her, squinting. Cyras said, "I joined this tournament to get revenge, but Lilu-" "Finish this." Cyras blinked, "Oh, uh, I end, so we both take 5000-" "Barrier-" "Reverser, which means you lose the Soul Points I'd have lost." Lilu blinked. Cyras winked at her. "Gotcha. Anyway, about my rant" The hyena bolted, leaving the confused fox to follow in her wake. "Where are we going!?" "We're getting out of here as soon as possible! There are guards coming here to arrest you, now hurry! Run, run, run quick!" As Cyras tore across the landscape, she asked her, "Well can she really get me on this territory? I thought this was Sunnyvilla, not Wysdom!" "Wysdom is Sunnyvilla!" Ahmond said. "You told me this isn't actually the Wysdom tournament but the Sunnyvilla tournament-" "I'll explain when we're not fugitives!" Rosod grabbed the trophy and said, "I'll hold onto this" The girls rushed out of the mall as several angry guards ran at them. *** Cyras and Lilu came to the "DO NOT ENTER" sign in the red block letters. "I'm not going any further!"Rain beat on the grass as wind smacked the leaves, causing a chaotic storm of green and grey and blue."I lost that tournament, I lost everything. That was my dream." Lilu smacked her own face, as she said, "I gave up everything I had and everything I wanted just for some Wilder girl who hates me.""You lost the tournament because I beat you at the game," Cyras told her. "You haven't given up anything for me, stop being melodramatic.""No, I found the news story about how you attacked Owlis, and I was going to tell the guards to get you removed." Cyras stared away."But I didn't, and now you've taken away something I really, really wanted."Lilu advanced towards the sign that was now of darkened wood, a splintered sign with three foreboding words. She was about to step over the imaginary line."You won't survive very long out there," Cyras told her."I don't care anymore, I am so tired," Lilu said. "Of social status, of queenly jobs, of life. I need to get away." Ahmond told Lilu, "Okay, you're feelings are valid Lilu-""NO THEY'RE NOT!"Ahmond fell back to her rump as Lilu shouted those words. Her ears curled up."They're not, they're not, they're not." She stamped the floor. "Why does everyone say that? I need help, I need someplace to go.""Life's not getting better if you run away," Ahmond told her."Why am I so messed up!?" Lilu asked her. Ahmond paused, before saying, "You're not messed up.""I'm so messed up." Her tone had almost no strength as the words blended in almost a whisper.She kept her head low as she was too tired. "I never was the child that my mother wanted, and anytime she asked me to do anything, I never would out of spite. I always did enough to avoid punishment, but little enough for her to get angry at me."I always did enough for Ahmond to make sure she stayed, and I tried to do the same with you. But as soon as I realized you weren't going to let me run all over you, I wanted you to leave me alone, and I wished you weren't as good to me as you were."Ahmond kept silent.Cyras said, "Lilu if you were really that awful, we'd never have met. Everything I've seen from you isn't someone who's like your mother, you're someone who's just trying to survive. And the problem is you're trying really hard to."Lilu's voice trembled as she said, "I am.""You're upset because I happen to have boundaries," Cyras told her, "and yes, you have to appreciate me. Because of that, there's one thing I deserve no matter what before you go into the Wilds. Apologize for how you were."Lilu simply glared.Cyras turned tail, saying, "Probably nothing left to talk about then."Lilu bit on a white rose and ran up behind her. Ahmond was about to warn her, but as soon as Cyras turned around, she received the flower straight to the nose.The Coywolf in the audience rolled her eyes, but still grinned at them. "That is smooth."Cyras said, "I'll take this as an apology.""Cyras, all I wanted when I came out there to meet you was the call of the wild," Lilu said as she went past the tulips, which swayed in the wind to meet the roses. "The ability to be part of something greater than I was. Something greater, yet so much more simple.""But you won't find that out there," Cyras told her, nodding towards the wilds. "My life is only simple to you because there's no customs or laws, but every day is a struggle, and to be honest, I think there are customs there even I have no idea about.""I already found what I was looking for."Cyras raised an eyebrow, then blushed at her."Anyway, I guess you two joined the tournament just so I would lose. I guess I deserved that.""Yes, but there was another goal. I want to talk to Owlis," Cyras said, "we're beginning to think there's something between her and me.""Well... I am a queen," Lilu pointed out, "so maybe I'll be able to help with that." *** Lilu slowly entered the dining room of Empress Owlis, and at first, the Empress was about to greet her graciously, until she saw two girls slinking through. Cyras laid eyes on Owlis for the first time in a few days and Owlis had clearly been in some battle. Marks and scratches covered her body just like how Owlis' burns covered the younger Cyras."Lilu, you have a minute to explain the meaning of this, and to tell me why you've let an attempted murderer into my dining room," Owlis told her.Lilu said, "Okay, so, basically I met Cyras out in the wilds, we had a nice talk, she followed, we played card games, I wanted to prank her, she got angry, she beat me in card games, became the Sunnyvilla National State Champion, and now we're here.""Your turn," Cyras told her, "I need to know why you're interested in me and what N:Era is. One minute."Empress Owlis' expression turned into a small grin. "Years ago, there were four Seasonal Cousins. Your mother, Sumhyr, and your cousin Ryvoh left us and went into the Wilds, but something happened to your parents. That's where Ryvoh came in and raised you. My goal was to find you eventually, but as the years went by, I figured this was impossible..."Cyras blinked and said, "...You got another minute.""Why thank you. Anyway, that just left me, the only seasonal cousin left. So Cyras, you're my little cousin once removed... However, I created a project known as N:Era, and had three wolves with special powers as the leaders. They are planned to be the first teachers."I am not able to protect this entire Empire myself, so I need a small task force with special powers, at least one other Ascended.""An Ascended?" Cyras asked her, "I've never heard of one before.""Wilders tend to have no true religion," Owlis said, "but basically, Ascended are nature gods."Cyras burst out laughing.Owlis rolled her eyes. "Must you laugh at everything I tell you?""I'm not a goddess or anything, Owlis," Cyras told her. "Otherwise, I'd have some weird, unexplained powers. I've heard of tales of gods before, but they're all unrealistic, and I doubt most of them.""So the girl who is a god is an atheist," Owlis said."Like, name one power that I have."Lilu said, "Cyras, I've never met someone as young as you with the same proficiency as fire as you do.""So I had to learn how to use flames to survive."Ahmond said, "You also were able to take on both of us at the same time."Lilu said, "Not to mention the fact you picked up on Towers within literally just a few minutes, and you're already a champion of Sunnyvilla."Cyras blinked, before saying, "Well that's not much."Ahmond said, "You have a lot of luck in card games."Lilu said, "You were able to keep up with Owlis to at least some extent even though she's an Ascended herself."Cyras shouted, "I'm not some kind of god or goddess! I have no idea why all of you are even talking to me about this. I'm just some Wilder."Owlis told her, "Cyras, listen to me." Her voice echoed throughout the long chamber. "I know we've left on the worst terms, but you are going to pay off your community service debt, all you have to do is join N:Era, and trust me."Ahmond nodded to Cyras for reassurance. "I'll join you."Lilu said, "I will too."Cyras said, "If Lilu stays with me." Lilu stared at Cyras, almost certain there was no way Owlis could honestly say yes.Owlis said, "Jazmyn will get angry and cause an international incident."Cyras remained steadfast as Lilu shrunk back. "No."The voice belonged to a hyena, as Cyras and Ahmond stared at Lilu, who said, "No. I'm tired of running away from my mom and I'm tired of dealing with all of the bile she spews at me!" She stomped the floor. "Cyras, I'll be okay. But you better believe that I'm going to face Jazmyn, and I'm going to tell her exactly how she's treated me, and I care not about anything she says. Even if all she does is tell me to leave, I'll be okay."Cyras locked eyes with Lilu who smiled, genuinely.*** "Dear Cyras,I knew you never got the cookies you wanted so I baked these for you. Love, Ahmond."Cyras stared around at the purple room of Owlis, the older fox at the head of the bed, but was far from comfortable with her yet."So, thanks for accepting the tea invitation with Lilu."Owlis said, "Technically I had to honor the deal. Though I suppose I’d be harder pressed if you hadn’t had Lilu at the helm, otherwise you’d be arrested on the spot."Cyras took out a package attached to the letter and popped the lid open, before taking out a single gingerbread cookie. "This is a weird shape.""That's a gingerbread man."Cyras blinked and said, "I, uh...""Eh, don't think about this too much," Owlis told her."Gotcha." Cyras winked at her before she tossed Owlis a cookie. Both bit down, as Cyras tasted the warmed bread, the brown sugar, and the baked edges."I was wondering Owlis.""Ask anything you want.""I've been having a lot of problems with a sign with some red block letters. Let's rewrite them. To: Answer the call."*Special thanks to KIERAL for support, for reading, and the title of Lilu's theme.Thanks to Arianwells for help with beta reading.Thanks to Bethanyclark95 for your support.Thanks to Void Android for supporting the live readings. "Fading Away" - Lilu.I guess the day by day Wouldn't be so bad The fact you realized Makes me feel glad I thought this was just normal Just the average daily turmoilAnd every day, I sat and thought I knew the way Other families fought There must be something wrong with me A problem in myself only I could seeAll the chains That would free me And the key Who would stop me Can't hold now I'm fading away From sorrow The pains of love From the screams And crying nights Can't hold now I'm fading away....
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