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Super Twilight Sparkle - Ultimate Magic



The last of the Mane 6 has gone super, Twilight's magic at max power.

*Super-Rainbow-Dash and I had some differences on her design again, so I went and made two versions, see his here: [link]

So on this one, again my headcanon, Twilight doesn't go full alicorn, I honestly don't think super means changing pony type. So I created the idea of a "false alicorn", with Twilight giving herself shard wings, without needing to constantly channel magic to sustain them. Of course her hair changes to look more like Celestia's, and her magic power increases in power exponentially.

Overall I think it turned out good, and the shard wings were fun to work with. And with this, the super series is done.

Other Super forms:
Super Rainbow Dash
Super Fluttershy
Super Pinkie Pie
Super Applejack
Super Rarity

ai file: [link]
svg: [link]

Twilight Sparkle belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Super Twilight Design originally by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:
Art and modifications to design by me.
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this looks awesome i totally wanna draw this