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Super Rarity - Bearer of Generosity



Had a lot of fun with this one, not to mention I got to redesign her completely. *Super-Rainbow-Dash helped a little with some of the details but most of what you see was me.

I figured that while her talent is more gem related, her passion is clothing and fashion, hence I made her mane and tail look like rolls of cloth, preferably some kind of fine silk. Think I did okay on that. Also the first time I've used magic effects on anything which I had a bunch of fun doing.

Her abilities, by my headcanon so probably wrong by others, revolve around her hair and gem magic. I know, it's partially based off fighting is magic but it fit too perfectly. Basically she can use them as shields, weapons, or anything she needs for a situation, as well as bring them out of the ground with ease. Her hair also plays a roll in her abilities as she can wrap herself in her mane and tail to act as armor, instant clothing, and on rare occasions, to appear as another pony. Yep, doppelganger transformation, but I think she would most likely be just making outfits for herself for events, probably battle suits and the like.

Other Super forms:
Super Twilight Sparkle
Super Rainbow Dash
Super Fluttershy
Super Pinkie Pie
Super Applejack

ai file: [link]
svg file: [link]

Rarity belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Super concept, original design and aid by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:
Art and revised design by me.
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Her super mode's theme song will be a 5x fast remixed version of "Pony Everypony Should Know". If it's of a rhythm-following game, if will be 100% hard!