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Super Rainbow Dash - Flame of Loyalty

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Super Rainbow Dash vector. I would make a greater than 20% cooler joke, but I don't want to be cliche.

Other Super Forms:
Super Twilight Sparkle
Super Fluttershy
Super Pinkie Pie
Super Applejack
Super Rarity

Requested by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:

Rainbow Dash belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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I noticed that Super Rainbow Dash looks similar to Super Sonic.
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I found this (gasp) EPICLY DONE!!!!!!
I could imagine if there's a JSVVS-esque Hasbro fighting game where Dashie performs this.
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They need to put super RD in the show... LIKE NOWW
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So, how does one achieve this transformation?
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It's Awesome! But I have a question, In witch episode does Super Dash come into the action? I haven't saw her in the shows.
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It is not canon... yet. For now, it's just a fanon concept by yours truly.

Got more questions? Ask them on my page, please.
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So cool. Just one question. I read that she's Super Rainbow Dash, but others say Hyper Rainbow Dash. They both sound epic, but which one is the real name. I feel like Super Rainbow Dash is the real one, or is SRD the first level and HRD her second level beyond SRD? Still epic! :)
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Hyper Rainbow Dash is the creation of Neriani, in which Dash loses the flamng mane and tail, but gains this SSJ2 Goku look to them and she's surrounded by lightning bolts. So its more of a "Super Saiyan 2 Rainbow Dash" that is based on my albino (white with red eyes) design, rather than something like Hyper Sonic who flashes colors every second.

As for her transformation method, well, initially, in my fic, she needed the energy of all the Elements of Harmony at once to transform, the energy returning to the Soul of Harmony that she was born with. After defeating Discord and learning of a new future threat, the energized Soul of Harmony stays inside of her, granting her the ability to transform whenever she desires and causing the necklace to appear on her whenever she transforms.

Hasbro has already answered what happens when she uses her Element of Loyalty alone, btw, and that's her long-maned still-as-blue Rainbow Powered form. I don't think they'll ever delve into what happens when one is powered by all of the Elements and also the full power of friendship, unless they miraculously notice Super Dash here.
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Thanks :) Also awesome :)
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As far as I know there's only SRD, which is this form.  If there is a Hyper Dash then I haven't heard of it.
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Oh, yeah I've seen a few pics, but I'm gonna stick with SRD. Oh also, do you know if Rainbow Dash needs her element of harmony to become SRD, or can she just become SRD without it? I've read some comments saying that she can cuz her soul is a vessel of the element of harmony. So I don't think she really needs it if she is her element Still awesome.
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The original designer knows all that.  I believe she needs the element originally but might have changed since I discussed it with him.  If you want to know for sure then you should check with him, name in description I believe.
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all I can say here
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Just one problem I see, no power description.
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The ultimate Rainbow Dash!
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rainbow dash as a super saiyan
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By the way nice picture
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Please don't say anything bad to me people but I disagree with this and I don't like Rainbow Dash
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"A man's trash is another man's treasure.'

'nuff said.
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