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Super Pinkie Pie - Unbridled Laughter

By GeoNine
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Super Pinkie Pie, better break out the inter-dimensional glass and duct tape.

Had a lot more freedom on this one, most of the design and color scheme was by me this time with some guidance from :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:.

Super Pinkie Pie's abilities, by my headcanon, incude extreme 4th-wall breaking powers to the point that she practically has a whole dimension in her hair. By reaching into her mane or tail, she can produce anything she wants, such as the party cannon partially stick out of her tail. She turns red since she goes slightly more hyper than normal and is able to move quickly with little effort (practically teleporting without control).

Other Super forms:
Super Twilight Sparkle
Super Rainbow Dash
Super Fluttershy
Super Applejack
Super Rarity

ai file: [link]
svg file: [link]

Edit: Changed her body color so it isn't as bright and hopefully less "eye-burning" as people were complaining.

Pinkie Pie belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Super Pinkie Pie concept originally by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:
Art and major modifications to design by me.
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How would this sound for a super pinkie pie power idea?:

Happiness Inducement
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I have an idea for a form of Maud Pie.

Midnight Maud Pie - Restrained Laughter, Unbridled Gloom Instead

Vampire Bat Pony

Based on Maud Bat (… ) and Nightmare Pinkie (… )

Cutie Mark:…
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Sounds interesting, but unfortunately after the release of the Cutie Mark Magic forms (Season 4 finale), the Super forms have pretty much become an artifact of the fandom and won't be updated or have new forms for characters.  

You're welcome to work on it yourself as far as I'm aware but it won't be something I'll be doing.
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such as the party cannon partially stick out of her tail.
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I. See. a red pony, I mean a middle pink pony... I might have MUCH LAUGHS, MUCH,DANCING WITH HER! :D
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Pinkie should be more vibrant, with her mane and fur being easily distinguishable from one another. They should both draw the eye, making Pinkie look like the bundle of energy that she is.
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Hammerspace mane, party cannon tail, insane motion...and here I thought Pinkie couldn't get any more awesome. XD
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It's not just party cannon tail, that's a whole dimension of stuff in there as well. Pinkie just becomes even more of a 4th wall breaker.
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In that case we may all be in very great danger. XD
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And we're running out of duct tape.
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It's not "duct tape", it's "duck tape"! That's why it doesn't work, it only works on ducks!
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Is that her party cannon in her tail
jjkgamer's avatar
ok just checking
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I wonder if ponies transform...:roll:
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Ill add it, but I prefer Pinkie's other character Surprise. I think Surprise would be the better super form!! Don't you?
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Well yes and no. Yes that it's widely accepted so more people would be behind it, but no in the sense that I believe that super =/= "racial change". I think she should stay an earth pony, but she just has her normal abilities enhanced.
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I didn't know Pinkie's party cannon is in her tail.
GeoNine's avatar
In this form yes.
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say can i se this for a logo i'm making
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A logo? I guess so but only if you credit me as the artist and *Super-Rainbow-Dash and me as the original designers.
KentaDavidofKT's avatar
don't worry
i'll make sure to crdit you guys
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