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Super Applejack - Guardian of Honesty

By GeoNine
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This is closer to my version of Super AJ, version closer to *Super-Rainbow-Dash design can be found here: [link]

This one I was kind of lost on. I had an idea for her but never quite got it to look right, and ended up going back to SRD's design. I changed her colors because though I know super forms are suppose to be flashy and more intense, I actually pulled more towards having AJ become much more connected with earth, hence the earth-brown color.

(As by my headcanon) since she is an earth pony and is pretty strong to begin with, she gets even stronger to the point that her stomps can now cause earthquakes. Another aspect I wanted to have be more visual was the ability to have her tail become whip-like, but as she sits her tail can just extend at the end to give her rope any time she needs it.

Probably not the best looking in the series, but I just had to get away from this one. Maybe in the future I'll come back to it but for now I need to get moving the last two.

Other Super forms:
Super Twilight Sparkle
Super Rainbow Dash
Super Fluttershy
Super Pinkie Pie
Super Rarity

ai file: [link]
svg file: [link]

Applejack belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Original Super Applejack design belongs to :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:
Art and changes to design by me.
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I rather agree with the brown, I think it's a good colour for her.
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It's different ill give you that
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Yeah this one had a few bumps along the way with the design.
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It's an earth color, she has a more direct link to the earth, so hence the color.
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why not making her ed like Macintosh
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Super to me doesn't mean turning to colors of a relative, and brown symbolizes earth and she's more attune with the earth.
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cant wait for the other's to come out
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They're on their way.
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which one's next?
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Rarity's up next.
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That's really impressive. Great job. :)
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Not entirely happy with it to be honest, but the next ones should be good.
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