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The Plush Man
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Just my little playroom of everything big and growy.

Welcome to Petra's Laboratory!

This is a project I wanted to try out that involves a young scientist with ambitions to test anything and everything (that lies in reason, of course). Here I will let you know how it works, the benefits you get from pledging as well as open suggestions on what I can do to push it even further to make it a fantastic and worthy experience for you all. Lets get started shall we?

How it Works

Petra's Laboratory of Peculiar Projects is a patreon project where you get to see the adventures of a young scientist named Petra. Her goal is to test, mostly on herself, anything she can get her hands on or make in her mountain laboratory. Mostly for fun or pleasure, Petra welcomes anyone and everyone into her lab to test titillating potions and machines that she will make her, or her lab partner [you] bigger, wider or any shape/form imaginable. Through the numerous tiers you can gain access to her lab, from tours to full on taking the reigns and making your own project (involving Petra or not)

$1 Tier 

In the basic tier you will have access to +18 work involving petra and any of the higher tiers! +18 work is exclusive to Patreon so expect work you've never seen from me before. This work includes (Full nudity, sexual activity, possible male material*)

$5 Tier

In this tier you will gain the same basic benefits as $1 tier as well as being able to vote on monthly experiments that Petra will be involved in.

$15 Tier 

In this tier, you gain prior benefits and as well being able to not only vote on a monthly projects but you are able to request your own personal Petra piece (Color quality). The power is in your hands on what happens to her!

$25 Tier

The final tier (for now) as you have full access to Petra and further beyond. You are able to gain 1 non restrictive piece of any character you want conducting their own experiment or experiencing a Petra themed event! Anything you want! (If the Character is owned, permission is required)

The Benefits

Pledging to Petra's Lab will allow you to get monthly artwork up +18 quality. Witness Petra, and possibly your character, get into sexy hi jinks for the low low price of $1. If 300 people pledged $1 then it would help unimaginably! Not only that, but it would allow for more rewards, goals and possibly higher tiers! The patreon is small for now but it will grow with your help! But wait, there's more!

Discounted commissions!

My normal prices for commissions are pretty high, but that's only because this is now my profession. I have monthly obligations and need as much support as possible. That being said if you pledge $15 or more then you will be getting a discount on my work for a monthly rate! Every patreon piece is of color quality. Normal commission color drawings being upwards $90, this gives you a 72-83% discount! This will vary in the future but this is a good opportunity for a good cause.

+18 Work and Outside Comfort Zone

I don't normally post +18 work but this patreon is a good opportunity for me as well as for you if you have any ideas on what you wanna see from me! Not only this but since the theme is experimentation and science, this allows you to request anything even outside my niche and comfort zone! Want a shrink piece? Petra's got it. Want a male piece? Petra's got it. Want something out there like Petra turning into a slime? Petra's got it! Its all up to you. However, within reason! (Nothing gross or unethical such as scat, underage, etc.) Other than that, patreon allows the boundaries to be pushed!

Paying the Bills -> More rewards!

As stated before, Patreon and commissions is two of my primary means of making a living and paying monthly bills. Its your funds that help me keep going and pursue this. Any funds you give will immediately go to paying bills and other things real life throws at me, but anything extra will be saved for replacing items and parts such as tablets and computer parts so I can continue doing this! As the funds grow, this allows me to set goals and upgrade rewards for people to make things more interesting and appealing! As I said if 300 people pledged $1 it would help A TON.

(!UPDATE!) Free Stream Previews

That's right, if you swing by my streams you will get a free preview of what will be in my Patreon. Don't have the funds or don't wish to pay? Well then when I post that I'm live be sure to stop on by if you want! Who knows, maybe it'll interest you in pledging. Regardless coming to my stream is free so no pledge or no tips at all to see what Petra is getting up to!


Now its your turn. Sound appealing? Not appealing enough? Well then what would you want to see or for me to do in order to make things to your liking? Its your pledges that drive this after all so place anything in the comments below that I can consider doing! Anything and everything can help so let me know! To those who pledge already, thank you so much for everything! Your patience and kindness help me keep going. To those reading and are interested, PLEASE SUPPORT and I will make things as awesome as I can for you. Just leave it up to Petra!

The Road so far

  • Listening to: iheart70s
  • Reading: Various g/t related stories
  • Playing: Bastion
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Water


Cleaning up a bit with my Gallery. Messy sketches will be moved to the Commission section after posted for a while while grayscale and color will be copied and remain on the main page. Just a heads up
Note of absence: I have been sick since the past weekend! Forgive my silence! (More than usual) Should back to my regularly scheduled routine in a day or so.
Over the past few months I've gotten some amazing amazing gifts and commissions from awesome people and I eventually want to share them all with you so stay tuned! I'm still gushing! You all are so amazing!
To anyone I overlook or skip over, I am terribly sorry. Things have been great but super hectic! So many things happening at once! I love you all!


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