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Edit: to all my watchers, please add me again!! this issue affected your watchlist.

Thanks to all for your support :)
Thanks to DA for the help:)
Thanks for have this place to keep in touch :)
Thanks to you for been here again:)

Nobody knows why people do odd things like what happen today here, but I hope this don't affect to anybody else :)

NOTICE TO ALL COMMISSIONERS (if I owe you an image)

Sadly I lost my e-mail account (stoled also, avoid it :P) and my notes, if I had business with you (commissions, projects or any other work in progress)
Please take contact with me, send me a note or write me to this new mail:

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Ohhhh thats explains why I wasn't getting anything new from you anyway welcome back
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dawnmichellieHobbyist General Artist
I didn't realize this happened until just now :( A couple months ago you fav'd one of my (barely viewed) drawings and it made my day. I'm so sorry to hear about your account being messed with! I'm glad it hasn't discouraged you though :)
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PrototypeBHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was wondering why I wasn't getting any of your awesome artwork... :3

Fixed that. :P
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ProjectZuelHobbyist Digital Artist
I noticed a few other people I watch have been hacked over the last few weeks. Why do people pull this rubbish? Don't they have better things to do?
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I am curious on how much you charge for commisions.
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please drop me a note :)
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Oh my :| screw the hacker that did this! I'm glad you're back. Your art is manificient and I always look at it for inspiration when I have art block. Welcome back !!
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Kenyu05KRProfessional Filmographer
yeah dude I was freakin out, lol te buscaba y no sabia que esto habia pasado hasta que te busque denuevo.
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Oh wow was your account hacked or something? I was wondering why you weren't on my watchlist all of a sudden.

Glad you're back anyway ^^
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That explains a few things. I'm glad to see you back. D8
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Venthor78Hobbyist General Artist
I hope u're okay :icontearplz:
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Was wondering where you went for a time. Just realized you dropped of my Watch list. That's how perceptive I am.

In any case, I got you back on Watch.

Keep up the good work.
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rainygamiProfessional Digital Artist
que bueno que ya se arreglo tu problema genzo
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vladplasmes General Artist
make no fucking sense, these hackers are. annoying, they are. stopped, they must be...*dont speaking Yoda*
though im not a watcher of yours, im glad you recovered your account.
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glad you're back!
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RekanoHobbyist Digital Artist
Warmenx's avatar
Im glad that your back. Stupid that hackers did that.
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TheOracleDragonHobbyist Writer
Glad your back online. :hug:
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BlueZaoldyeck22Student General Artist
great you're back... :iconcrycryplz:
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My-MichelleStudent Traditional Artist
uhhhhhhhhhhhh nos ha pasado como 4 veces esto, menos mal que lo pudiste recuperar al toke, nosotros estubimos en una ocasion 3 meses sin poder loguearnos. Tocamos madera que no ocurra otra vez.
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Why would somebody do that... it doesn't make any sense..

*re-added to watch*
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a-pirates-bootyHobbyist Digital Artist
I just woke up and saw that you were gone from my watchlist. :( you're back now, but what happened exactly?
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BlueZaoldyeck22Student General Artist
he got hacked. :(
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GwydionlandHobbyist Digital Artist
Genzo, can you explain how this happen? Some people are scared about deviantArt account hacking.
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