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This was a promotionas pic for Myths & legends TCG for the last edition "corsarios" (privateers)... the thee characters was suposed to be: lady mary killigrew, capitan devil (up) and sir francis drake (down)... the pic was made arround august or first days of septembre. was my last pic about pirates T_T

wacom graphire/photoshop CS/ soundtrack: drink me up hearties (lol, hans zimmer)

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Sir Francis Drake, as you've drawn him, somewhat resembles Dracule "Hawk-eye" Mihawk from the manga One Piece who, in the story, is known as the world's greatest swords man =P
Also, another character named X-Drake (pronounced Diz Drake), a former marine rear-admiral, has his name based off of Francis drake =P

Awesome work man, wanna see more pirates in the fututre from you.
Perhaps a pic of Blackbeard would be awesome, or maybe even do a pic from One Piece if you know about it =D
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Captain Devil huh?
What do you know about him?
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i LOVE pirates too!!

Nice Job!!!
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Arrrrrrr.. i see me a beautiful picture here me haerty.
Great work indeed me boy wonderful.
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drake was cool! did you see the sci fi that did like a month ago! hehheh really good! chains are cool! and Mary was always good for a laugh! especially at parties! hehheh
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I needed to say that ^^
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sir francis drake?! really?!!!
thats amazing! hahaa
he is my ancestor.
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Absolutely amazing detail. Your very talented :0
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impressing :D

thank you for adding sir francis drake
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Sir Francis Drake's right hand is weird to me, more so its the sword, in drawing the skull facing. It made it go off to the side where judging from the other hand the skull should face outward of fist. the perspective you have on the front of the skull would mean the blade is facing me, which its not.

Beside that its awesome and I still love the work.
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How about doing a separate picture for Lady Mary Killigrew ? You seem to like drawing female pirates, might as well doing a little request.

I'm stunned by the details, really you're surprising me with every picture you make.

Keep it up, and good picture by the way, but like I said, they each deserve a separate picture, not just the lady.
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awesome job keep it up
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Do't Joke me xD
That girl it's from Marvel vs Capcom 2
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yarg ! me likes it
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I like, I like it. This has been faved. You did a tremendous job!
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My gods this must have taken you forever. Fantastic, job, though, the depth and colors are absolutely breathtaking :)
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LOL at captain hook.
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nice firey background
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Awesome work, dude, love the poses and mood.
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I love the composition and the use of color, this is great!
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