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old work, i miss the summer :(


KABEIRO (or Cabeiro) was a Haliad nymph daughter of the sea-god Proteus. She was the mother of the Kabeiroi gods of Lemnos by Hephaistos.

Kabeiro may be the same as the prophetic, sea-goddess Eidothea.
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i reallly love how you shaped her wraps.. amazing
kunehoGod's avatar
i love how you design wings!
saishadow's avatar
wow she looks cool
Alexis-Asuka-Rhodes's avatar
Your works are really AMAZING!! I love mythology (i study it at university) and i'm really fascinated from it!!! Your works bring me in one beautiful mythologic/fantasy world... *___*
Have you ever thought to show your designs for the Magic the Gathering cards? *-*
Greetings from Italy,
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She's got crazy eyes
rustyblood's avatar
So gorgeous, terrific work !
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Wow! She looks great!
wait.......i need some tissue, quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Girls..... girls with more clothes...... PLEASE!!!!!! TT.TT No, I feel bad for looking at it, even if I am a chick. XP But, DANG!!!!!
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All your myth girls are as hot as can be I really like Arachne but they all want to make me drool.
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I love this one so much, that I drew it :) Hope you like it ^^ [link]
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A sea nymph with wings..... A unique concept indeed!
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Whooo, great composition!
lovely hips boob proportion great also got a good eye for the true female form. A++++
churchsoho's avatar
i like...i like =.="
saphira-the-dragon's avatar
SunSpriteRaven's avatar
Beautiful picture! Wonderful colors and nice job with the anatomy.
Emar-stylus's avatar
:judge:...bravo! bravo!...:clap:
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Oh my powerful legs.
eduardokatsumoto's avatar
Amazing work... That's curves heim!!! Very Cool job.... congratulations....
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