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brother of widewut, is a monk whit spiritual powers
A draw for Myths & legends TCG

photoshop CS
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Like all of your work, this is awesome.
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Who is this guy exactly and what is Widewut?
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Oh fuck me, even the angels are nude!

Is it possible for you to draw a woman with clothes on?
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Is it possible for you to not realize MEN LIKE WOMEN WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES? Christ! Get over it! If you don't like that the women he draws wear little to no clothes, then don't look at his artwork! Oh, and, guess where you are? The internet. Welcome.
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Amazing!! Great colors and nice girls!! ^^
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Is anyone using this image for a character? If none are, may I please be the first to give him life? I will wait for your answer before I even post this picture on another forum. I will also redirect back to this page for those to know who drew it, and also direct to your profile on this site. :) I really love it. Oh, especially the angels around him! I got much planned for this man. MUCH PLANNED. On the forum, he will be directly involved with deities. Deities such as Ananchel and Gabriel. Deities I had created, though they still live on the forum regardless of me not being on the forum. :)

Medieval Rp is the site that I am talking about. Within the History and Tales is where a list of deities are. The Gods behind the Gods thread is the thread that has the deities below those who had created them. Mine is all the way to the bottom, I think. You will see Reno Ixion, then you will see Ananchel, Gabriel, and Lexion. I will be creating more deities after I join the forum again to resume what I left off. The Deities of the World is the official thread of these chose deities. Only three by far are mine. I shall create nine more deities as soon as I can.

That's the gist of it, and what role my new character shall play. And this image will work due to there being three female angels behind this monk. :) I hope this explaination explained all what I shall do soon.
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I like the whirlwind of air effect. The angel on the left is my favorite aspect. Her expression and pose are gorgeous. I love their wings.
lucky man ... 2 all for him :D
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wow ...good concept
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I wish I had a magic book...! Nice image!
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ALIVE!! love it man...
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Un monje con 2 mujeres asi, me gustaria estar uno de esos monjes jejejeje.
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Hey...I loved this one, great art.
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spiritual powers and sexy angel folowers!
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Ta weno como el mago cachondon playboy
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:O this fantastic Faved :D
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Perfect! Beautiful colors... What more can i say? XD
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oie genzo ke linda la paleta la kago *_*
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Holy Shit! Heh heh. That's nuts.
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love the angels
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