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Zelda - Twilight Princess

I reciber a lot of requests asking for a bigger version, cause the old one was little for the today standarts (i know, I´m old fashioned :p)

so, here is :) hope you like it.

best knowed as 8.8 or BLOOOOOM....Awsss I luv that game, is maybe game I played this year and my second favorite zelda game behind majora mask (maybe tied with Link´s awakening)... awwwright, ok OK, I´m a PROUD nintendtard

:D:D:D Midna is my favorite zelda characther, i hope she will back in another game :( (plz mr Miyamoto and mr Aonuma) or maybe a character in smash bros brawl.

photshop CS/wacom graphire/6 hours
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Yes, Midna was a strong character, she got under my skin and I had nightmares while playing this game.

Have you read the manga adaptation of Twilight Princess?

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Amazing! What an epic scene!

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You, mister, have very good tastes in games !

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I remember this scene from LoZ TP. That poor goron that got turned into a monster and has to be fought to be saved.

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epic piece

but the boss itself was super easy for a 2nd boss

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How I wish to see Midna fly around teasing the boss during the battle.

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Such a fun game!

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Midna looks sexy as always.

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Just one word: EPIC!!! :happybounce:

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just HOT DAYUM this looks sick af !!!! 
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Like how determined Link looks in the face of fiery danger.
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Hiya mate, this facebook page is stealing and selling your artwork:…
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"You could help too ya know, creepy witch."

"I'll have you know in my true form I'm drop dead gorgeous." 
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