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Zelda - Princess Ruto Sketch

Hi there guys! Here goes another Zelda sketch, this time, princess Ruto from Zelda: OOT, but with some elements of Hyrule Warriors. I hope you like it :)

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I´m planning to do a digital sketchbook to compile all my sketches... you will buy it for digital download? 
Poll here…

You can share my art! Thanks :)
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cool, I like this route better than the Breath of the Wild game on nintendo switch.

FullMetalDraughtsman's avatar

I love your coloring/shading style. absolutely beautiful!

Contraltissimo's avatar
What a beautiful portrait! :clap:
Literally the best Ruto Ive ever seen.
seetenou's avatar
Wow I love the colours and its just perfect
AngryRussian27's avatar
"sketch" that looks like a beautiful piece of art
DerGamer's avatar
Your Zelda sketches are awesome. ;) (Wink) 
NinjaRed400's avatar
It looks like Shinkiro art!
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I love that the team that worked on this game paid so much attention to the games, (clearly they played them durring production) that they included the silver scale so Ruto could dive the way she does.
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Beautiful work
Decayed-Mind's avatar
She looks so beautiful. Loving the pose you gave her. :meow:
whitneymorris's avatar
I love this series of sketches! Especially this one of Ruto. She doesn't get enough love. ^.^
Mimi-sue's avatar
Fruk its perfect
lucariocatcher's avatar
holy... triforce... oh my gods. awesome.
J4RRE77's avatar
I always liked Ruto best of all!
MaddieBat's avatar
ruto is so underrated you did so excellent
RichNintendo0512's avatar
The first time I saw Ruto, I was like:Freddy Nosebleed 
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