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Zelda - Midna and Wolf Link

DOWNLOAD for a bigger version and edited paws.

A old comission, finished in a stream months ago :)
Damn, I love the screens of the new zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks awesome, but I think I gonna miss Midna and the Twilight realm, in the same way I miss Majora mask charas and Termina.

hope mr miyamoto and mr. Aonuma come back to twilight princess sometime :)

PSCS/bamboo/7hours/Music: Midna Theme - Zelda TP OST

ps: Chilean miners were rescued!! YAY!
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Epic, awesome piece!

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I typed 'Chara' into the DeviantArt search engine just now.

This was the first image that came up.

DeviantArt, go drunk, you're home.

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Awesome picture!
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Link can turn into a wolf?
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Yes in twilight princess :)

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Wolf is so cute!

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twilight princess was the best. better than skywotd sword.
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I know I know this was before. DON'T Rage comments XD
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When you do the twilight mirror side quest in Breath of the Wild XD 8O
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UH~ Really nice! even tho it's not made with a dynamic perspective it still looks super dynamic! :D
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Link looks nicely threatening.
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Wow amazing style! :0
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Beautiful job with the colors and lighting.  Also, awesome job with the details, especially Link's fur and Midna's hair.
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The shading and highlighting are phenomenal. Your use of color is great. All in all a great piece. 
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I was sent here by nintendo im glad i clicked the link though XD     was that a pun? 
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That pun tho XD
That was a very punny pun you made there XD
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*My heart throbs*
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Congrats on getting promoted by Nintendo, pal!
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Wow, figure getting promoted by Nintendo themselves!…
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Super Picture, good work:) (Smile)
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