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Zelda - Midna Fi Navi

Hi there guys! here goes a pic of the 3 most knowed guides of zelda universe: Midna, Fi and Navi, hope you like it!

Merry Xmas to all!

PSCS4/bamboo/8hours/music:The goddess song (Zelda Skyward OST)

Other zelda art:
and [link]
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quick question, Does Fi have arms under her cloak?
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Nice. Ive actually played all of those games. (finally did something with my life)
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My sister really likes both Navi and Fi, they're okay, but she despises Midna. In fact, she said that Midna should be portrayed better as a Gotham rogue (perhaps even nastier than Catwoman portrayed by Michele Phieper, and in the same universe) known as 'Harley Sedusa Quinn the Firefly' or 'Lady Midna Arkham (instead of having Vicki Vale being Lady Arkham) the Electricutiner', rather than as one of Link's allies.
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What, no Elzo (I kid ofc)
ProMonarchyGenius's avatar
Because Elzo is a guy, and so is the King of Red Lions.
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Yes!!!! Two of the best characters in The Legend of Zelda EVER!!!! :D

And Navi's there, too.
She's cool, I guess. :3
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I love Midna. Like Fi. Hate Navi. But anyways they look amazing in this picture.
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There are three.
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Yeah but i don't like fi sorry ^^;
dokuganryu15's avatar
(Odd, most people don't like Navi.)
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but cool (ps:Midna is my favourite character)
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midna is rude, navi is annoying and fay is tripping balls xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
GeorgiaTheBudgie24's avatar
I love that picture video thing so much. :D
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😍 I love it!!!
Almost couldn't find Navi at first because of how awesome the other two look. 😆
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Abousolutely stunning!!! 😆😆😆👍👍
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Love it! I really like the three of them, I love Fi but I have to admit that Midna has a strange effect on me, like she's really intriguing to me, whatever, this is a great work!
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Awesome. Navi is fine but I love Midna and Fi <3 :D
Zwirrlicht's avatar
I hate Navi, like Midna and LOVE Fi! ~♥
Great work on this!
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I like all 3 of them. So I win
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And the ratio for likeable sidekicks in this image is:

Drumroll please

I like Fi and ADORE Midna
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Am I the only one who visualises Midna strangling Fi with her hand-hair? Don't get me wrong; I don't hate Fi, but she IS quite annoying. At least Midna keeps her mouth shut in between pricless one-liners.
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