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Zelda- Ilia sketch

Hi guys! long time with no update. travel and flu take me out for a while. I hope to dont disappear again for so long.
Here goes an sketch of Ilia, from The Legend of Zelda: twilight princess. The typical "childhood friend" type of girl you found on each RPG, but since she is a very charismatic character, I think she deserves more love :). I hope you like it.

Here is the previous pics I did of Zelda girls :)
Zelda - Farore Sketch by GENZOMAN Zelda - Nayru Sketch by GENZOMAN Zelda - Din Sketch by GENZOMAN Zelda - Princess Ruto Sketch by GENZOMAN Zelda - Saria Sketch by GENZOMAN Tetra - Hyrule Total War by GENZOMAN

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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IKR? As I always say; Female barefooters are just the best.

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A.K.A.: The criminally underrated Zelda bae.
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Love how she's barefoot :)
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One of the best barefoot waifus to bless Nintendo! :love:
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Nice pic of Ilia. ;) (Wink) 
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At the risk of sounding creepy, she is gorgeous overall but I especially love her bare feet!
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I love her feet!:horny::horny::horny::horny:
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Great pic, even though Ilia was one of the most, if not the most, annoying Zelda characters ever.
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So pretty! Always found this character to be highly underrated in the Zelda series.
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It's so lovely = w = The colours are so subtle. I think they're maybe too similar with the background but yet again it's subtle. Everything looks so delicate and the small shadows makes it feel cheerfull or like it's pure happines.
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Very nice. She looks very fantastic, and the colors are very fitting and fertile. I'm not even an Ilia fan, yet she looks nice here. 
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Where was she in the game?
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TLoZ: Twilight Princess
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Was she really a Barefoot in the game or just your own idea?
Agu-Fungus's avatar
She always was in the game.
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This lady was always barefoot.
Agu-Fungus's avatar
And I love her for it. :D
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I really like your shading!
It's simple yet effective!
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I under the spell of Iria!
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