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Drug Zarich is one of the female members of the devilish Daevas and Drugs. She is very rude. She is the personification of aging. Her eternal opponent is Ameretat, one of the amesha spentas, the guardians of light.

i hear a story about how she drain youth to the people, cause of that she looks young and that :P

a draw i have done at the beggining of the year for myths & Legends TCG for their new edition "Duna"

photoshop CS/intuos tablet/ 5 hours/ music: Wish I had an angel (By nightwish)

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Zarich is actually a personification of soma/haoma; Zarathustra himself condemned it's use in the beginning. Zarich (and her partner, Tauriz/Taurich) poisons plants and the land - Zarich's name derives from Avestan "zairi-gaona" - "yellow/green", an epithet of haoma (the drink - later, it became a yazata).