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Yakami Hime

This is the new version done for Legendary Visions Artbook edited by :iconudoncrew: you can order it on amazon :)
Amazon USA: [link]
Legendary visions, 30 USD, Free shipping worldwide in bookdepository!

Lets wikiattack!

Yakami Hime (Princess of Yakami) was a beautiful princess, in the land of Inaba, now western Tottori. She appears in the old myth The White Rabbit of Inaba.

In Izumo, Okuninushi's 80 brothers, known as the Yasogami, head off to Inaba to try and win the princess's hand. Okuninushi was relegated to baggage carrier for his brothers. On a beach they discover a sick rabbit, the flayed hare stopped them and asked them for help. They told the hare to wash in the sea and dry itself in the wind, which naturally caused great pain for it. Ōkuninushi then met the hare, and he told it to bathe in fresh water and then roll in the pollen of cattail. The hare immediately got better, and it revealed its true form as a god. In gratitude, the hare told Ōkuninushi that Yakami would be his., and seeing his kindness, Yakami hime falls in love with him.

His brothers, who were furious, heated a boulder to white-hot temperatures, and rolled it down a mountain toward him. He thought it was a boar and grabbed it, subsequently burning to death. His mother, Kami-Musubi, revived him. His brothers then crushed Ōkuninushi to death. Kami-Musubi then advised him to take refuge in the underworld instead.

There Yakami will lost the love of Okuninush, He will fell in love with Suseri-hime, daughter of Susa-no-Ō.

PSCS/7hours/grapphire 3/Music: Jumping flash OST - Stage 2-1
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Wow, no sabía que Genzo tenia su deviantart!! estoy asi de *_____*
Siempre he sido fan de tus ilustraciones en las cartas de mitos y leyendas. Y bueno, hace tiempo hice un cosplay justamente de Yakami. dejo el link y ojalá puedas verlo. Gracias =)…
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This is Beautiful!! :3 
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
Looks like that moon chick from Avatar: The last Airbender.
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her names yue ( i dont know how to spell it but its pronounced yu-way i think) and yes it does look like her!
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
Got it.
Her name is Yaoi.
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That is so cool! And so beautiful!
dondukesofdeviantart's avatar
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this artwork...Great use of the purple,blue,white,pink and silver...So beautiful...Great story behind Princess Yamaki Hime...She's an alluring sight (did they really have 80 brothers try to vie for her hand?)...Crazy but understandable...Anyway, love this pic and keep em coming.
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LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
我很喜欢这张图~I love this img especially, this color
AshWillSlash's avatar
Fancy and attractive, it could only be a princess. Wait... a blonde japanese?
UnicornKnight321's avatar
What a sad story but when will we see Susan-no-O and his archenemy?
Very nice! Remembering reading the Japanese myth story about her, and I thought Okuninush married Yakami.
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you've got a great collection
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you are the best, friend!!!

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I like the colours
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
A Beautiful Masterpiece!!!
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awesome work! :D Your painting keeps getting better ^^
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Oh how I love the colours of this! She looks truly beautiful~
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Beautiful job :D
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