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Xeno Crisis

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Hi guys! long time without posting here. Things are a bit complicated on my country, Chile, so I been away for a time.
This is an alternative cover for Xeno Crisis, game by the awesome guys at Bitmap Bureau
the game was released some weeks ago, so you can play it now on #switch #PS4 #XboxOne #steam and #gog
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the e-shop should just have a category that reads "cover art by GENZOMAN"  because I often end up buying games you have a hand in artisticly XD 
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Awesome work. Love the creepy setting, the diabolical monsters and the heroes fighting to the last! Great job. And great to see your art again.
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Uh... guys? You two are kinda... shooting into the wrong direction...
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When Alien meets Resident Evil?
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Epic scene! Very good work!
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Ok, see things in chile. 

Hope thiungs will be fine for you and your country in the end.
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Its fun so far. And that soundtrack, so good.
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Maybe try shooting at the aliens that are right in your face instead of randomly off to the side?  And the guy in the back isn't even using both hands, hardly proper rifle discipline.
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and you can do better?
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Oh wow this looks amazing!
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Looks cool. Great work.
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xenos? *whips out bolter* FOR THE EMPEROR 
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