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Wind waker - Tetra and Link

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Published: January 19, 2010
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Oh, an ooold comision... is a bit diferent of my usual thing, uh? :D.

For me Wind waker was my cup of fresh air of the last decade, why? well, beautiful art direction, nice character design (tetra, link, medli, the pirate crew was just awesome), a good spot between art and video game, a great gameplay... and a wonderful sea to discover. if you wish to be a pirate and love zelda games, maybe this could be your game if now you are tired of bald angry marines. If you played this, you know what Im talking and why I love this game :)

from here my admiration to Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma and all that genius on Nintendo

PSCS/graphire3-bamboo/5hours/music : Dragon Roost Island - zelda Wind waker OST (duuuude if you dont love this song , you must go to a doctor!! this songs is pure adventure T_T)

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gamewizard-2008Student Digital Artist
Come on, Link, let her set foot on this new land!
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Saving the day. ^^
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Doodles626Student General Artist
Cute! <3
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I'd totally ship these two, their so adorable together and they fit perfectly.
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RzavioHobbyist Artist
Purple Guy Blush Icon i will get angry make aryll with her skull dress 
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DaZeDHatenaStudent Filmographer
this game changed my childhood ..
;-; waaaaaaaaah
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CaldoRosaHobbyist General Artist
Really adorable
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cheyluvsu03Hobbyist General Artist
This is so cute!!!!
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PupavegHobbyist Digital Artist
Why is everything you draw so awesome???
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NorwayxicelandyaoiHobbyist General Artist
Love this game
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A-Fallen-StarrHobbyist General Artist
It looks just like concept art <3
Yeah, how about it. Popped it in for the hell of it, and as you know as a fellow Zelda player, you get to a point in the game where your like " Okay, I'll take it out now, right after this dungeon..." but then you get a cool item and sit on your ass for 3 hours.
Oh well xD
I love this ^^
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omg i love this game!!! good job!
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Great. For me, Wind Waker is the best game in the series of The Legend of Zelda
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This is really cute :love:

Yeah, it’s a shame that people judged the game due to its art-style and graphics since it was definitely one of the best in the series and my second favorite Zelda game (first being OoT).

Miyamoto wanted Link to be more expressive so he chose that art and graphic style and it worked perfectly; my heart sunk when I saw his sad face when Ganon’s giant bird stole his sister and when he had to leave his grandmother behind. For the first time, Link seemed like an actual character and not just a mindless avatar (even in OoT and MM he had limited emotions and facial expressions). The characters also had more interesting personalities and better interaction not to mention it had great humor.
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Koti-RStudent General Artist
Completely Agree! Love Wind Waker!!
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Yeah, it had the Zelda magic that TP and SS, as great as they were, didn't have.
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BlueMoonScorpioHobbyist Traditional Artist
nicely done.
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katenip88Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god, so good! :iconwwlinkplz:
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I seriously doubt Tetra would let him hold her like that.
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