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Wendys - Sketch

I was on the bus  a couple of days ago, way to home back from work and I saw the classic logo of Wendys on the street. Looks like the first Wendy´s will open in Chile soon :)
I did also, another icon/logo sketch about Starbucks.
Starbucks by GENZOMAN

Oh, well, a practice color sketch done for fun. I hope you like it.
PSCS5/1 hour/music: Grizzly Bear - Yet Again…

I´m planning to do a digital sketchbook to compile all my sketches... you will buy it for digital download? 
Poll here…

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)

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Interesting. I never thought of Wendy that way.

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She destroyed BK and McDonalds on the ERB match.
Nitwitsworld's avatar
She should have the smug face on her fan art. lol
goomyiscute777's avatar
"lol they blocked us"
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Finally, someone who can properly draw Wendy. 😳
deadman245678's avatar
It's beautiful and amazing
SHELBANG's avatar
Im so glad that someone remembers how the real Wendy looks like. Excellent job.
SavianoMarcio's avatar
Quanta doçura, amei!!

How much sweetness, I loved!!
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I just love it. Here in Mexico we don't have this restaurant, until I know, but the mascot girl always called my attention when I see the sign in McAllen, Texas.

Howeve, here she looks so pretty in my opinion. I even want to draw her for my series of fanarts. Good work!
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Wendy's makes my favorite burgers. Fresh off the grill, hot and juicy meat, fresh lettuce and tomato and other fixings. And unlike Burger King who doesn't seem to understand that if you ask for and pay for cheese, they should put it on the burger, Wendy's rarely gets your order wrong. Of course, this can all vary.
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Did you already do burger king? Need to find that if you did.
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Love this piece. Brought memories when we would go shopping and stop at Wendy's as a kid.
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nice! i've always thought they should maybe redesign/ update her… but its yet to happen
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She's a great mascot for a great restaurant.
FreestyledPokemon's avatar
Shut up and get me some fries with a freezie
I live near a Wendy's X3
hrfarrington's avatar
Really like this style! :D
thevampiredio's avatar
wendy so kawaii~~!:D
FreedomSoull's avatar
This is so cute and it has a good "antique" look
Dreamick's avatar
j'adore trop ton "coup de crayon"
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Hablas español? Oooooow, me encanta esta versión de Wendy! Mil veces mejor que la original
GENZOMAN's avatar
Oh! muchisimas gracias :)
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