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Warcraft - Siaranna

Hi guys!... I been out for a couple of days, Lots of night without sleep :D work work work!! :)

this time a pic I done a time ago for World of Warcraft, there was some request to upload her to the gallery, so, here is : Siaranna the Fickle, a Blood elf mage girl taking a walk in Alterac Mountains (love Belf girls :D)... anyone playing Cataclysm ? :D

Hope you like it! :)
Bamboo/PSCS/8hours/music: Enya - Cursum Perficio

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I love your work. how do you fell about your art being in a game
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Hey look, it's Spellbender.
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Peace be with you
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This is such a beautiful picture! I just love the flow of all the magical energy. The colours are just simply super!! Terrific work :D
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Beautiful work !
I love she ! ♥
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Guess she broke her left leg.
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she is the card called spell bender right? i assume blizz rewarded u somehow
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Probably rewarded him with like one or two thousand dollars.
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This looks awesome
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you only worked, worked, worked and we liked, liked, liked
Very beautiful.
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Very amazing!
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Glory to the Sin'dorei! 
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While intercepting mark of the wild may be fun, intercepting divine spirit or inner fire is giggle-worthy. Intercepting both, in that order, is hilarious.
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Spellbender card from Heartstone? O.o
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