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Warcraft - Shadowstalker

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An old image done for World of Warcraft/Blizzard near 2006-2007. A rouge night elf on stealth spell, poisoning her dagger to attack any of her enemies :)

hope you like it!
PSCS1/intuos/7hours/music:Sacred - WOW OST
you know, I really love a lot WOW ost, lot of atmosphere and good memories of my first time playing the game and friends/bros there... awwwsss *manly tear*

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Very nice, sir!
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Im just going through your Gallery and wanted to say your are doing sooo good work-wow man :D
Beautiful,Unique Arts - i cant stop clicking that -put in Favorites Button- :)
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the posion pops so nicely
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Wooow.. I love it !
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I love her legs shadowmelding/stealthing away :) rogues're awesome :) as is this picture :)
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a drow assassin
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i just can stop looking at her.........eyes...ya i was going to say eyes
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I love rouges so this was nice to see :) amazing artwork
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Amazing work on her armour and her face, her expression is excellent. :love:
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You can see the killing intent in her eyes
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As always, an amazing level of detail with lighting, colors, shading and anatomy. I have never seen art from you that wasnt stellar
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Oh sweet! I've never seen an assassin shot like this before!
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Very nice.She is a beautiful elf.
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wow rogues so cute, especialy ne.
excelent work =)
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look at this picture I thought that you are sarcastic :)
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First thing I thought of was a dark elf from Skyrim!! shes epic
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