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Warcraft - Seeds of the Lasher

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Hi guys :) Thanks to all for the notes and salutes for my 7th DA BDay :) Was seven years of fun and good times, thanks for your comments, critics and feedback, that help me a lot I think :)

Ok, here goes a pic I done lot of time ago for World of Warcraft: Seeds of the Lashers. A Night elf girl is in a quest to find the Seeds for Lord Itharius of Wyrmrest Temple. Maybe as druid she feel a little of sadness for the Lasher.

Anyone playing Cataclysm? :D YAY!

PSCS/BAMBOO/7-8 hours/Music: Siren of the Woods - Therion
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Anyone know what gear this is based on?
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This is magnificent! Great work! I love the color choices and the shading!
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Yeah, the path of a druid is no easy one.

Giving you a connection to all living beings can suck.
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Just the word "cataclysm" gives me PTSD to the Spine fight from DS.

Fuck that fight. Mount's not even worth the instance, I recommend go farming TLPD instead.
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Hot damn, I actually just finished that quest a few days ago...
With a Night Elf...
Thank god I'm just a Death Knight!
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"What have I done :( !?" very druidy!
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Poor lasher. It was probably corrupted by the Nightmare though. She did the poor thing a favor.
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I love the colours! Olive green is rarely used for night elfs (usually artists use violet and bluish green). Olive green is my favorite colour.
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So beautifull.. I like)
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Yah I'm playing cataclysm it's super fun
Great picture I love it it looks amazing and very well drawn :3
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Absolutely love it
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Don't worry little druid, Elune will forgive you. x]

Really great work on this one. You captured her emotion pretty damn well, and as with all your other work, the detail is great! :]
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d-d-d-did you draw this?
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*-*!!! Night Elf! :D! *-*
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i still have burning crusade! i cant afford wrath or cataclysm! curse my lack of US currency!
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This is amazing! Thats how a druid should be ^^
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You play Cata? I prefer Burning Legions, (Duh! I started playing during that 2008 time) but I still like Cata.
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