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Warcraft - Essence of Mending

Hi there guys! Another old comission I done for World of Warcraft trading card game :) the always needed AOE heal:

-Damn! agro!
-gooooooooddddddaaaaaamnnn heaaaaaaal plzzzzzzzzz!!!!
-I´m out of mana!

I have something with draenei girls, humm, maybe the horns? the tail? dat dem hips? :p... dunno, lol, also dunno if my favorites are the draeneis females or blood elf females . (take 4 sure i dont like taurean girls, lol)

hope you like it :)

PSCS/Bamboo/Music: Therion - An Arrow From The Sun
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Amazing Artwork!

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Truly amazing!! This is fantastic work!!
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So amazing *-*
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Hello, i would like to as if you would mind if i use this pic on my stream channel. Let me know!
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Amazing artwork!! simply stunning!!!

But I must ask, cause you said you don't like Tauren girls, do you like Dwarf ones? Personally, I find them worse than Taurens...
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This has become one of my favorite, if not my most favorite, of female draenei art work.
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man your artwork is beatuiful. Looks a lot better than most of wow in game artwork If I Think.

Also that draenei is smoking hot.
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My favorite race, draenei females, which I also call wow goats :)
This one is rly masterfuly made, maybe if they looks same great in game, I would never end with wow.

btw. Genzo, in u still making new pices, can u focus on Tera online?
I would like to see ur version of Castanics. :)
Another race, that I'm now calling goats. :D
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how long did you need fot painting this pic? ^^
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My wife has played a Priest for quite a while now. This is amazing. :+fav:

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This person is not giving you proper credit :iconandreearoxana12: - [link]
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you draw WoW fan art really well :D
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WOW.... all i can say is WoW.... this is fantastic!!!!!
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Brilliant artwork, sexually alluring as well!
Duuuude, your art absolutely rocks! Not just this one, but, like, most of it.
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Wow i really love this one, I just got a bamboo tablet but unsure with it though what programs do you use? Also do you draw this out first the do it digitally or? :)
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I agree - draenei girls are looovely.
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Dont always blame the healers!! >.<
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Very beautiful :3
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OMG that's amazing, YOU're an amazing artist.
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