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November 13, 2008
Erin dae Firestrider by *GENZOMAN is phenomenal. The colors are so vivid and robust. The details are breathtaking! If you play World of Warcraft you have undoubtedly seen this image by now on one of the loading screens, a wonderful work of art.
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Warcraft - Erindae Firestrider

Check another World of warcraft pics I done :)



This is a pic I done arround a year ago (the last December or so) for World of Warcraft CCG, what i can say, I LOVE this game XD. this chain me on the computer and also, inspired me a lot, the guys of Blizzard does a great work there , creating a whole new and atractive universe :)

Also I´m very happy of draw bood elf girls, cause i lovein general the design of all their stuff on the game (but draenei girs are still my favorite ones :P). This mage is suposed to be on some place of Stranglethorn Vale.

I´m pretty happy, cause appears as one of the characthers on the new load screen of the new patch and also on the new expansion: wrath of the lich king

Intuos/photoshop CS/time...cant remember,lol,a lot of time ago/ music: lol, the only song i had in my mind was lament of the highborn :p

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oh wow this is nostalgic, i didn't think i would find the original artist for this.

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I remember the WoW trading card game (before HS) had some anime style characters in their more recent cards. This honestly refects the style of those cards.
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I remembered when I saw it, this was on loading screens in BC! Holy crap.
So nostalgic.
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Варик, с утра, это ВАРИК, хороший вариант утра, тащусь от такого. Утро начинается с Warcraft!^)
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Hello, my name is adem, say that is a beautiful picture! May i use some of your photos in my homesite (webpage)? it is about beautiful, special, and extraordinary things. i am trying to put togather a page about philosophy, nature, and all other things that are beautiful and makes life worth living :) you can view it on "" i am going to change the sites name soon. =)
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amazing artwork!
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lawwwwwd! Amazing!
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mmm...myths and legends cards style?...lovely
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I love you detail! I am a world of warcraft player my self, and artwork like this reminds me why I play.
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This pic is being used for herocraft z, who should I send that and the screenie I have too.
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I found a hearthstone-card which looks exactly like this, just the background is different.
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Indeed, this image was done for Blizzard´s WOW TCG and later used on Hearthstone.
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What is the name of the card?
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I saw this on a 2010 game magazine from walmart once.
Krawczyk's avatar…

Just thought you might like to know your elf is being used in some weird anti-gamer/anti-sexism Thompson-esque lunatic raving.
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It is an opinion piece using evidence, not really a rant. It's not anti-gamer, I'm a gamer. Thompson-esque? Really? I thought it was quite measured.
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this always appears when i load the game..wonderful art Heart 
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This is why i play females on wow now XD 
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:pc: Simply: BEAUTIFUL.
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