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Warcraft - Abbie Whizzleblade

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Hi there guys, here goes another image I´ve done for World of Warcraft/Blizzard a time ago :) This time, Abbie Whizzleblade, a gnome rogue. Was really fun to do, i tried to capture the quick kind of attack for rogue. toons (hehehe, its cool to play as them) and her fighting in Twilight Highlands.

hope you like it :)

bamboo/pscs3/10-11hours/Music: Ambeon - Ashes

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if they were more like this in game id be more inclined to like them, great job.
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I love finding pictures of gnomes that look this awesome. :D
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Heh. I actually have this card.
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This should be an action figure.
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Cute and deadly >.<
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Beautiful work! I love how you used those daggers. :D I always thought that they had an insanely interesting model.

I simply love the armor as well. it's breathtaking! Looks to be inspired by tier 11, but you've definitely got your own take on it! The amount of contrast and.. kjdsnckjndsfdsadf. You actually made me like that tier again. x)

Gnome rogues are the best! \o/
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wonderful work! hate the daggers though =( not epic enough! =p
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It´s very good.
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Do you happen to be taking Commissions?
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Wow, a Gnome that I don't want to punt. Thas IS rare, lol.

I gotta say, I love your style!
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gnome rogue, the most hated little @#$43$ (i play horde :P)

amazing how you made a gnome look cute :D and not repulsive, like they are real :D
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you are one SICK artist.
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Holy cow her armour and weapons look just drop-dead amazing. Plus I love how much movement the pose conveys. Simply fantastic. :D
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Great pic, though I imagine it might be hard to portray short statured people because the viewpoint lines (is that the correct term?) could be skewed from the "normal" angles of larger forms.
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This is awesome! Well done :D
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speaking of wow
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Awesome work dude gonna fav this one for sure :winner:
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