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The legend of Zelda - Tetra

Oh well, I saw this today on a imageboard, after arround two years and... glups!! I hate my previous version!! XD, the old one don´t do justice to the beautiful and cute Tetra :)

so I edited it again, change on the face, arms, chest, posture and adding more elements, hope you like this new edit :)

(a hour of edit)


I was playing yesterday Zelda twilight princess on wii (i played the GC version a years ago), my favorite characthers of Wind waker was tetra and i was thinking how she could look in zelda TP--- :P

just a bit of prectice in colours
4 hours/ photoshop CS/ intuos
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Decided to finally fave this. Tetra has always been the best of the Zeldas. In fact, her popularity seems to stem from being so distant from the Zelda identity.

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Now THIS makes Tetra look like a girl. You really couldn't tell just by looking at her in the games.
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I really want to play this game
Tetra, the only Zelda I really liked. Nicely done, looks kind of peppy, kind of dangerous, and ready for whatever comes.
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Why is she the only Zelda you liked?
Not that I mind but you do know you're like over 3 years late right?

Anyways Zelda is either a manipulative bitch(Skyward Sword), a non-entity(Zelda 1), or nothing but a plot device(Ocarina).
Tetra does stuff on her own, actually effects the plot, and isn't in some way using Link for her own gains without any regard for is feelings(have I mentioned how much I hate Skyward Sword Zelda? Because she is an awful person to Link).
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Well, I don't see how she's bad in those games.
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Tetra is my fav LOZ girl!
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So, this is what a TP rendering of Tetra would be like! I love the outfit design, by the way, very pirate-y. :) (Smile) 
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I love Tetra!! X3
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I think its great amber!
-kayla coleman
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ehhh yeah its not perfect
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I wish she had appeared in Hyrule Warriors looking like this!  Oh well...
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God this is perfect! Zelda crying  I'm so glad I found the artist behind it! This is my background on my phone! Zelda as Tetra is absoultly my favorite and this picture is beautiful Red Link Luv 
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Holy cow, this is brilliantly done! I love the attitude, posing, texture, and color expression. Beautifully done!
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Woh,beautiful :giggle: !
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I really liked Tetra.
She looks older than she did in the game.
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Strong, independent, carefree,adventurous and beautiful.

Great job mate, keep up the good work!
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