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The Last Unicorn

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I know there is a lot of fans of LOTR, Narnia, Earthsea, etc, but when I was a kid this book filled the place for me. Until today is my favorite Fantasy book, I love how each character are not the classical "Hero" or not maybe the conventional fantasy hero and a lot more like people trying to find their own place. I rly love the world created by Peter S. Beagle. I love the movie also and is one of my favorite animated movies ever. In this pic, Shckemdrick the magician, Molly grue and The unicorn/Lady Amalthea

Done in a stream the last Saturday, maybe you remember this pic if you where there :) thanks a lot for joining me that night. was a very fun time :)

PSCS3/ Bamboo/8hours/Music:
Man's Road - America (love the soundtrack of the movie and this song in special)

The Last Unicorn - America (this must be my favorite title credits ever)
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This is soooo awesome!  How did I miss it??? Did you also do a human version of Amalthea?
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DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful fanart for a beautiful film - I love how you drew this, and your posing for Schmendrick and Molly Grue is great. :D 
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Este es un hermoso trabajo de una hermosa película. 
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Awesome! Truely. Wish you had some more of schmendrick
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I swear I feel so weird finding out this was an anime movie after all these years, and more shocked to find out the team who did this movie became Studio Ghibli.. It's a Ghibli film before Ghibli was even formed.. O_o 
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I love the last unicorn, this makes me love it even more!!
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you capture the charm of the movie!
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This movie honestly has a deep meaning if you think about it.. I used to love it when I was younger but I was always scared the red bull would get me
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CupboardDwellerProfessional General Artist
Awww thanks for the nostalgia trip! <3
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AlyssaeveStudent Traditional Artist
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raven0sirusHobbyist General Artist
I loved Shckemdrick. O:  He was great.
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VoiceInForestShadowProfessional Traditional Artist
A classic!
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Hetalia-FilipinasStudent Digital Artist
I luv that movie i have it
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FlapperFoxyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this movie-love your art too!Galloping Unicorn... 
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Could I make ths into a layout for I am in love with this movie and this is by far the best image I have stumbled across and making this into a layout would be very awesome! You will have one-hundred percent credit to it. If you want to find me i am on international howrse, under the name cainlou
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
This is one of my favorite childhood classics along with other anime classics from the 80s made by Sanrio.
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passingshipsHobbyist Writer
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GaijohnHobbyist General Artist
I actually met Peter Beagle on accident and realized that TLU was a book before it was a movie. I was really young and my older sister loved this movie and I thought it was just some stupid girl movie... Then I watched recently and I think its amazing. Rankin and Bass' best movie
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My fave is schmendrick the magician. I drew a genderbend version called Schmendria. Weird ik... :| (Blank Stare) Clap LURVE the pic btw
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factcore7112Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it is beautiful
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love movie 
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