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Hi guys, another mythological piece done near a year ago. I hope you like it

PSCS/4hours/Wacom Bamboo/Music:  Katra - Tietäjä


Tashmetum (Tashmetu) is a Akkadian/Babylonian goddess and her name, which derives from the Akkadian shamu means something like "the granting of requests". She is the wife of Nabu, the patron god of the scribes, and together, Tashmetum and Nabu both shared a temple in the city of Borsippa, in which they were patron deities. Tashmetum’s name means “the lady who listens”. She is also known as Tashmit and Tashmetu, and she was known by the epithets Lady of Hearing and Lady of Favor. With Nabu, She is often invoked in Late Babylonian and Late Assyrian prayers and ritual texts as a merciful mediator, protector from evil and goddess of love and potency. Astronomically, She was identified with Capricorn, and seen as a traditional wife and marital consort, a Goddess and young Queen.

Nabu´s rise to the status of great god is attributed partly because of his mediating role, which He shared with Tashmetum, the god of the scribes and letters, the foundation for the organised state in Mesopotamia. Thus, both god and goddess seem to be open to supplication and generally well disposed towards humanity. They are constantly invoked together, and this reflects that the couple got along well, following the norm of Divine Couples in Mesopotamia. Furthermore, Tashmetum as Nabu´s consort in the South was called Nanar, a Ishtar-like goddess of love. Therefore, the Divine Scribe has as His partner a much loved goddess, His Beloved indeed.

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perfection, love the clothes shading on her butt :love: