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Sunset Riders

Hey guys! this is a image done time ago about one of my favorite arcades of all time: Sunset Riders! Konami did a lot of great arcades back in 90´s I absolutely love like: TMNT arcade, Turtles in time, Bucky O´Hare, Moo Mesa, The Simpsons and of course Sunset Riders.

...And you know, you need to be really macho to wear a pink poncho :P

This image was done for V-CON exposition on Mexico. I hope you like it :)
If you dont know this game, take a look to the opening (and music! love SR music :D )…
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Hi! this poster is amazing! I made overlays for arcades, can I use this for making a Sunset Riders one? Ill link to this post wherever I put it. :) I'll link to this page!

This is absolutely amazing. I love this game and I love your artwork. I need this as a poster on my wall.

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That was a fun game. I usually played as Camarcho.
GENZOMAN I want Konami Mystic Warriors
You should definitely sell prints of this.  I would buy one as soon as you did.
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God I love this game.
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That brings back memories.
Now this brings back memories
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My childhood! <3
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OMG estabas en Ecuador!? Que bestia que no sabia!
Great game, great artwork.
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Excellent. Konami would be proud.
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Asombroso, me recuerda cuando iba a las maquinitas! 
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Me gusta mucho el diseño, ¡GE-NI-AL!
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Me pregunto ¿como esque no hubieron sequelas de ese juego?
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Que genialisimo! Justo en la niñez! 
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Me encanta esto. Nadie recuerda la ultima juego Sunset Riders aqui. Es el mejor juego de arcade!
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Gran juego, Gran ilustracion, Gran Homenaje...Te felicito por tu trabajo  y te mando saludos desde Argentina Villa Mercedes San Luis
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Esos buenos tiempos
Don't know how much $ I sank on this game between classes at the student center in college. Prob better NOT to know. Great work. Brings back lots of memories.
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