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well, this draw dont have too much story, is about a fight two summoners. one is summoning the help of a amesha spenta (the good followers of ahura mazda) and the other is calling a drug or daeva (the bad dudes at service of angra mainyu) who win? :D

a old draw for myths & Legends TCG (arround 6 months ago or so)

photoshop CS/graphire 3/9 hours or so, i cant remember well /music: Close up the Streams by therion (it sounds great alive :))


pd: download for bigger version
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My stand is...
*time stops*
great work. 
hope you do more fantasy works with middle east origin.
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One word: PERSONA!
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I love it! I want to see more of that angle dude
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The series of the "Fate" animes, ex. Fate/Stay night (I think there are novels too?) have awaken my interest for greek mythology and such, your art really keeps my flame burning for it :D

I have a request I really badly want you to do >w<
Angra Mainyu, I've never understood what that is; I'd like you to make your own version of it with a "wiki-text" about it too :) If you get time for it sometime, please ♥
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Wow nice work i hop the Demonic women wins
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i dont know who to rut for great work T^T
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Good guys always wins
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Sweet! I'm rooting for the bad guys!
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I think that the demonic girl is more plain than the angelic dude but either way is WoW!!!The angel guy wins!!!
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awsome i wonder who would win
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wow!! dibujas angeles?? porfa
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beautiful. your work is very breath taking i love it great stuff
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This looks extraordinarily epic!
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Wow good work but how did you do the inscriptions on the summon platforms?
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damn..that is one hell of a Battle.
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I like how the male summons a female and the female summons a male xD
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So nice .
Are u Persian ?
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disculpa pero la chica de la izquierda está mal colocada ay un error su tridente està x detras del echisero de la izquierda siendo q deberia estar x delante pero en todo caso ...

genial trabajo lo tengo de fondo de pantalla :D
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Angel and Mage ftw.
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