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Street fighter X Tekken round 2

Hi there guys, this is was done the last year as part of the material included in the premium edition of Street Fighter X Tekken. Was a really fun time working with this image, Steve and Hwoarang was my fav charas on Tekken :) hope you like it!

Oh, before you ask, why round 2? just because I done a SFXTEKKEN pic before and dont let me post with the name again XD

PSCS3/bamboo/music: SFIV - Cammy Theme (I know, no cammy here, but I love this theme :))
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your artwork make me sick bro!
theragnarokbringer's avatar
i bought the special edition 
Drakaria's avatar
Steve looks awesome in your style :) Faved this one ^^
Amar25x's avatar
Wonderful Clap !!!
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Very cool battle scene.
AdamAlfee's avatar
nice artwork man!!
Nightom's avatar
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Amazing work!
hello-bobo's avatar
my moneys on steve ,and hwoarang
KyleBetz18's avatar
who is that guy whose foot is almost touching steve's leg?
Raskolnikov2007's avatar
Should be Sagat and Adon <_<
rathian619's avatar
wow i wanna playthis game :)
ConMan789's avatar
Lets see something with Jin like Jin Vs Bison
LumberJack89's avatar
you're the greatest artist on this site. You should do Vega. You'd make him look even more badass than usual
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Madpredator's avatar
Here the street fighters will win
DO-Chan's avatar
Love that you used Mr. Steve Fox. This is amazin~
MrVegito2032's avatar
My moneys on sagat and dhalsim
Four of my all time faves right here.
This design is epic!!!!! how long did it take you to design this?
LePinkPunk's avatar
Hwoarang rulez!
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