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Hi there guys! This is a commision I´ve done the last year. Starseer, a lizardman with elemental powers, half warrior, half magician. It was done in a livestream session, maybe you where there! Hope you like it :)

PSCS/bamboo/8hours in separated days/music: Exceeding Love - Genso Suikoden III OST (maybe my favorite PS2 opening ever, love suikoden series so much :D)

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Awesome work! He makes me think of The Terraseer/Arthindol from the Forgotten Realms setting!
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Another Suikoden fan! ;A; RANDOM COMMENT YES but we are an endangered species. >8
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this is pretty badass, I've been looking for a saurian humanoid type race, and this looks to fit the bill.  Nice work.
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<3 <3 ^_^ Just awesome! hehe i think i may know this big lizerdman!! ^_^
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Man I love this pic. I wish I could find more like it. Maybe a nice red-scaled tribal type. It's too difficult to find good pictures for lizard-folk and dragon-kin. Pretty much nothing I've found yet matches up to this. It's freaking amazing. Wonderful work. -bows respectfully-
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Wow, big wizard lizard.

If only for the concept of the subject, this reminds me of my character from Elder Scrolls IV who is a lizard-human type thing and a spellsword (the games' term for fighters like these)
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''hope you like it'' do even have to ask?
OFCAUSE WE DO when you do such a wonderful job at making it
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2 classes combine is powerful
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That's a proper meat-cleaver I see! :D
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So.... :heart: amazing..... O_o
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who do you make these? drawn? computer? painting?

they are really good
cool lizardman,man.
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Cooooooool!!! Sweet Work!!!
2 words, epic badassery!
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Looks like an Argonian
Very killer work!!
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I can only think of one word to describe this at this moment:
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