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Hi there guys! this is another sketch done in the bus back home (there is a new Starbucks near home) and again, it´s about a logo/icon girl like the previous pic of Wendy´s. Warm-up sketc, I hope you like it.
Wendys - Sketch by GENZOMAN

PSCS5/1 hour/music: Norman's Walk - Jon Brion (Paranorman OST)…

I´m planning to do a digital sketchbook to compile all my sketches... you will buy it for digital download? 
Poll here…

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)

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I can imagine atlantis having a starbucks like this
SunnyCatArts2023's avatar
This should be their new logo
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You should do Burger King haha
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Woah, this is really awesome! I love it! I'm gonna do a Starbucks fan art too! I bought a really neat Starbucks mermaid cup for Christmas and I'm feeling inspired to sketch something out.
me recordo a las cartas clow de sakura card captors
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For a moment, I thought you used the Robot Chicken reference 
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I never understood why this particular mermaid has two tails.
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It's actually a twin-tailed siren, so it's basically a mermaid that you have sex with.  Also somewhat based on the story of Melusine.
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Been wondering about that too. On a unrelated note, what happened to the point icon? I need to know how many points I have since I've been gone for months.
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so pretty and I love how the double tails come out ^^
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See, Their logo sucks. They should totally buy your version to replace it.
Prisma-Scortch-Xeno's avatar
I love the way it looks. :)
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kind of AMAZING starbucks should buy this 
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Shut up and get me a coffee
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You've shown mastery in logo enhancing.
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I work at starbucks and I wish this was our logo. I really want to show this to corporate
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This is a wonderful and inspiring sketch :)
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Oh. So those 2 things behind her are fins OAO
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